♥️🟢🤪🎰 WOW! What A Ride! 3 Card Poker, Crazy 4 Card Poker, JACKPOT...Member's Choice #4 W/ Courtney - finalbosscardgame.com

♥️🟢🤪🎰 WOW! What A Ride! 3 Card Poker, Crazy 4 Card Poker, JACKPOT…Member’s Choice #4 W/ Courtney

Beyond Blackjack
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Thank you for watching our LIVE dealer 3 Card Poker and Crazy 4 Card Poker at Green Valley Ranch Casino in Las Vegas.

My hope is that you will enjoy watching my table and blackjack play (or as some call it, 21 casino card game) and maybe even learn to play blackjack, 3 Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold em, Crazy 4 Poker, High Card Flush, Pai Gow…and more – or just sharpen your skills through watching my big wins and losses. Sometimes we will play blackjack with side bets and sometimes without side bets. Enjoy!

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  1. I hit quads on the 6 card bonus on Saturday night!! I had $10 on it, hit it for $1000!

  2. Bingo Bango! Enjoyed the show from start to finish. Thank ya'll (from Texas) for the entertainment.

  3. Congratulations! That’s why we play the Slots !!🎰🎰🤣💥💰🍹. Congratulations girl’s!!

  4. I wish I knew you guys were at GVR. I could have been offscreen but playing a few hands with you guys or at least was in the background cheering you on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 1 hour of your mouth i pass lol 😂😂 like hell on earth

  6. I was playing at the craps table when you got the major! I wanted to say hi, but I was rolling. Haha. Congrats on the win!

  7. I don't like how this first 3 card poker dealer sometimes pulls his cards up to himself to see them first.

  8. Green valley ranch is our home casino when were out there… aloha from Hawaii 🤙🏾

  9. I think you were paid less on super bonus when you got 3 6's.. anyways great video 🙂

  10. Good morning. Nice going ladies. Lots of luck.

  11. 4 card poker was nice
    I watched the 3 card poker at 2x speed with the volume down
    Slot play was good

  12. Congrats on your major jackpot on the slot machine would love to see it on the table games please keep doing these videos they are so cool a little variety never hurts if you can have Courtney in more videos the 2 of you together gives me lots of laughs
    In reference to your zoom zoom boom boom comment you're referring to the song rump shaker by wreck n effect have a great day

  13. wow your friend is really cute. Play with her more often.

  14. Great video ladies!! But it wouldn't be me if I didn't keep track of all the Side Bets in your table games, since I am not a big fan of them, and to show time and time again, how much people actually lose on them, and how the payouts are really bad on most of them. In 3 Card Poker, you guys lost a combined $198.00 in Side Bets, which includes the Pair Plus, 6 Card Bonus and the Progressive Bet. On 4 Card Poker, you lost a measly $5.00, thanks to that one good hand of 3 Of A Kind, and the fact that you played alone, without Courtney. So an overall loss of $203.00 on Side Bets in this video. Something to still consider if they are worth playing. This was a great video, with a mix of different casino games!! Congrats on the MAJOR Jackpot. That was very cool.

  15. Major!!!! (What an awesome game…and so exciting…$2.50 bet…woohoo)

  16. Hey Kelly! I feel like you were supposed to get 2 to 1 on Super Bonus when you hit Trips (666)? Maybe I'm wrong cause it's early in California when I'm watching this.

  17. Go deal this out 20 times at home and tell me the dealer has the winning hand 15 of them and doesn't qualify the other 5. Those shuffle machines do more than just "shuffle"

  18. Thanks for your instructive play with 3 Card Poker. I'll now consider playing it some day myself. (It was entertaining listening to your chatting and giggling.)

  19. I can't believe you hit that Major on a $2.50 bet! That's awesome. Congrats 🥳

  20. Well done ladies! You all are a fun team.

  21. If I had the choice of which game I'd like to see the pretty lady play? Strip Poker!

  22. Courtney is so cute and sweet … I am in love

  23. Kelley really enjoyed yours and Courtneys video today. It was great and you two were so fun together . Im happy you guys ended up with a perfect ending. Loved it Dave in Ohio—Be safe

  24. @ 12:27 – Song is "Rump Shaker' – By Wreck-X-N-Effect 👍 Nice hit on the MAJOR!

  25. 3 card you can only play the pair plus and not the ante. That’s how I always played because that is the only way to win a large amount. You would have to bet the table min on the pair plus if you don’t play ante.

  26. This girl courtney is a Blast i really like her a lot she is quite Hot too

  27. In addition to helping to be better at the table games I like to play, You are cute as a button. Also, your infectious laugh and happy attitude make your channel so enjoyable.

  28. You two wild and crazy girls deserved that major!!!!

  29. You two are too funny together and i love Cortneys laugh, and i heard she has a husband so does she need a guy friend cause she is just beautiful🥰, sorry red heads are my weakness. 🤣
    The excitment for the straight win i think i really laughed out loud.😆😂😆

  30. Really funny . . . I paused this video after the table games and forgot to return to view the rest of you and Courtney play the slot game and ended up watching it on 500SlotClub! Congratulations! Shame it was the same win and not a double win😄.

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