🔶 UNO - Card Game (GAMING Battles #1) 🔶 - finalbosscardgame.com

🔶 UNO – Card Game (GAMING Battles #1) 🔶

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🔶 UNO – Card Game (GAMING Battles #1) 🔶

In this video we unbox the latest Uno Cards and play a few games.

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  1. I'm bout to buy this game just to get those reverse cards

  2. I love play uno every day with play my freand

  3. Sir how many draw 2 cards and skips etc are there in one uno and how many number cards

  4. Uno is my favorite cards I just purchased it today and I am fan of this game. Best game for family. 😀

  5. I also have uno and i know how to play

  6. I like one and I always play with my mom and dad 🙂

  7. yes ilove that video and i love you video

  8. good video, but my friend one mistake, after he put +4 wild card, you draw 4 cards and pass turn, not play 🙂

  9. My friend i bought Uno cards, Uno flip cards and Dos cards, best playing cards ever. I'm waiting for new idea and new type of Mattel…

  10. Hey Limitless you should try Uno flip it’s really fun

    What happens if i am having last card as reverse card(YELLOW)
    And i draw one card That is also YELLOW
    Then what is my next move

  12. In uno I almost beat bc I'm the championship

  13. I love how he just scatter the cards and not shuffle it 😃👍🏻

  14. i love you playing uno so much (and they also added uno on steam)

  15. actually, 2 pieces are taken, not 1

  16. Fun fact is when they are have 1 card, they don't say uno!

  17. Nice gameplay. Can i ask if the uno cards are made of cardboard or plastic? Thank you. Im planning to buy uno to play with my friends

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