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😡She paid for YUGIOH cards WITH WHAT?!😅

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  1. Clearly stole from viva la dirt league

  2. Can't say I'm surprised that an Asian man was the simp in this "skit"

  3. I know these are just skits and not real, but i I can't stomache seeing it either.

  4. Great job blatantly copying vldl and not changing anything. Gotta give this a down

  5. I thought she was gonna expose something else….oh well…

  6. Yikes ungraded no sleeve and bending it on the counter whats the grade? .5?

  7. Ain’t no Jackie bernal. Now that was exposure 😏

  8. Wear like that in India.. See what will happen

  9. That is totally how it works it’s just up to the followers to actually go to the card shop

  10. 200 followers from some random chick that walks in wouldn’t even get you one new customer lol

  11. Heyyyyy hey hey that's from VLDL 😡😡😡

  12. I was just at a top deck cards store today

  13. Funny Asian with bewbs, I mean, what else could I ask for?

  14. I’d have her pay a different way. She’s a dime.

  15. I know of 304's getting cards etc. Through other means of "exposure", but I never heard of this one being a thing in this community.

  16. “Yugioh is the trend right now”
    Yugioh: on life support and making funeral arrangements

  17. am more confused after watching than before

  18. If i had the money, I would spend tens of thousands on rare Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

    Growing up poor as a kid and seeing other kids with those goods cards in the playground and the lunch tables leaves an impression

  19. You should do a Supreme King/Zarc magicians vs Melodious with updated cards

  20. Imagine using your partner for views now thats sad

  21. Definitely not the Top Deck Games that I know of in Tulsa Oklahoma

  22. She looks like she works in a "FULL SERVICE " MASSAGE PARLOR👌👈🥒💦

  23. And I have 20 million power in rise of kingdoms, get out


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