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10 Board Games to Start a Collection

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Join us as we discuss 10 board games we recommend if just starting your collection.

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  1. I love Stone Age, it's definitely one of my gateway game. A classic for a reason.

  2. Some people are obsessed with collecting instead of playing. With 2 or 3 games you could have fun for years.

  3. My group has really enjoyed Quacks of Quedlinburg

  4. Nice collection! I've heard some and not heard some so I'll have to check them out. I happen to have base clank with all the expansions to that, such a good game!!!

  5. Oh also that should be on this list is everdell!! A worker placement, resource management tablo with beeeeautiful art work!!! Low rules with some neat strategies!

  6. FYI the Re-skin of Ethnos has just been released: "The Archeos Society"

  7. Delighted to see Clank! On this list—it is one of the two games that got my son and me into the hobby, thanks to a recommendation by my FLGS. That second game was Star Realms—it or Hero Realms would be good games for this list. Now you all have me intrigued by Cascadia, which I’ve seen around a lot but didn’t know anything about, and Flamecraft, which I did not know about. Always enjoy your videos. Thanks for this one!

  8. Before I see your list my list is in no particular order

    Risk – (Any of them)
    Here to slay
    villainous (Any of them)
    patchwork (2 player)
    Boss monsters
    Ticket to ride

    *after watching the list I will be getting azul and wingspan

  9. Really great list. In addition, I would highly recommend games that are enjoyable as solo experiences. When I entered the hobby 8 years ago, I had delusions of playing with my wife, my son, and friends… It’s usually just me – lol. I would also pay attention to the game mechanics and not lean too heavily into one. For example, one of my first purchases was Mice and Mystics; charming game. However, as I have grown with the hobby, I prefer games that rely less on dice. Hope this helps any new table top gamer.

  10. To complex for beginers, I would recomender some easier and less complex games as Catan, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, 7 wonders, Planet … etc. for beginers.

  11. Power Grid and Agricola are NOT good games to start with IMHO. They are just to much for a beginner.

  12. This was so great! Also, I love how you started because I also started on table top day at my friendly local game store… And my wife and I gave everyone “just desserts“ who was in our wedding party!

  13. Top Ten most recommended games in the comments:

    7 Wonders







    Just One

  14. Very timely list. I was just asking myself this question as I’m trying to get the rest of my family into the hobby.

  15. I hate Space Base 😂 I seen my friend just spam 7 and she would win more consistently than others.

  16. The two games I would say are Marvel Legendary and Disney Villainous. Legendary is really fun as a co-op deck builder, and Villainous is just so fun in my opinion.

  17. The chocolate version of azul is just a resting put also had a few little rules you can add into the game to switch things up

  18. Love the channel. ❤

    Do you know of games that play 2v2v2 thanks

  19. Just getting into the hobby. Just with my wife shared the same passion. Lol. I am completely nerd and she is just the opposite.

  20. Good list. I’ll add Arcadia, a game we found at UK Games Expo a month or so ago. Very easy to play and set up – almost no rule for play, the ‘rules’ come when the game is over and you’re scoring. It’s attractive to look and handle, and it scales perfectly from 2 to 4 players.

  21. Thank you. This was very entertaining and informative.

  22. Good lists! I have to vote for Dead of Winter because my name is in the credits. 😁 I was a beta tester. My favorite game was Lords of Waterdeep, a great worker placement/resource management game. It's been replaced by Dune: Imperium which has many elements of Lords of Waterdeep but adds deck builder mechanics. My area control game is Tyrants of the Underdark. It satisfies my need for a Risk style game without any die rolling. It substitutes a deck builder for die rolling. Oddly enough, another new game in our rotation is Galaxy Hunters. Think of it as Pacific Rim in space. It is also worker placement/resource gathering game. The game our game group has played more than any other game is Clank. We also played the full campaign of Acquisitions Inc. Clank. It's a legacy version of Clank.

    Also, I have to give a shout out to Ryan Laukat. I love his games and I'm blown away by his doing the art for the games as well. I've played Near and Far, Above and Below, Sleeping Gods, Roam, and Eight Minute Empire. I have really enjoyed them all.

    Finally, pet peeve time. Game companies, please quit using canyon trays in your packaging! It is just plain lazy. Give me appropriate trays and packaging to keep components from rattling around in the box. Don't force me to buy a third party game organizer to protect my game components.

  23. I love quacks. It’s great for a little kid too. Huge benefit.

  24. I think Puerto Rico is a classic.

    Great video. I will check out flamecraft for the family.

  25. 1)Incan Gold
    3)Sunset over Water
    5)Marvel United
    6)Camel Up


  26. this whole video this list is too difficult for "New" players

  27. Hello my wife and I just started our journey playing board game could you make a a video of games you recommended? So far we love wingspan and everdell😅

  28. I think the one game I suggest to any new collector is Fluxx. I know its technically not a board game, but each version is themed, so there is always something interesting, and it takes up no space since its a card game. The rules are extremely easy to learn and each game takes only 5-10 minutes.

  29. Wingspan ia a beautiful Game 😊. In our spanish Youtube Channel, is one of the most played. Regards 😉

  30. I HIGHLY recommend Welcome to the Moon – it's just a lot more variety and a campaign mode even. But I don't feel it's much more complex than the original. Here are my 10 games if I was starting a collection today: 1
    1. Azul
    2. Castles of Burgundy
    3. Mission: Red Planet
    4. Race for the Galaxy
    5. Isle of Cats
    6. Pan Am
    7. The King is Dead
    8. Forbidden Desert
    9. Codenames
    10. High Society

    Honorable Mentions: Sea Salt & Paper (would be #1 but not available in US currently), Scythe (might be a tad heavy), Parks

  31. great list, Welcome to, Cascadia, Wingspan, are a great start, for me 7 wonders could be in that list too, GJ.

  32. Really good list. I think Flamercraft is the only one I don't agree with.

  33. I know I'm in minority on this, but I don't like any version of Azul (well I've only played the original and Stained Glass but I don't think I'll like other versions also).

  34. Great list and have introduced a few of them that you mentioned to new gamers and have gone over well. I've found Ticket To Ride, Just One, Blockbuster (the movie, party game) and Dixit have been the biggest hitters amongst family/group of friends when introducing them to the hobby

  35. This is a great list. I'm not personally a fan of Arnak, but I know it's very popular. Another thing to consider including would be one or two small box card games like The Crew or Parade. When I started my collection, I got drawn into the hype of big games with tons of bells and whistles because those felt like the "real boardgames" but over time I've come to appreciate smaller, simpler games that have still have some strategic depth but also foster a more social experience. They also tend to be easier to teach, easier to get to the table, cheaper and they take up much less space.

    Also BGA is a great place to try out a ton of different games. Playing online might not be everyone's cup of tea but it's a fantastic way to try something out once to decide if it's worth spending the money and attempting to talk your friends or family into playing it.

  36. I'd say:

    Kivi. (Yatzee with a twist)
    Sushi Go. (Seven wonders simplified)

    These games are the ones I take when new friends come to play board games, or just when I'm going to a cabin with a group of friends.

    All fun, all easy to learn, some made my friends very interested in board games, a couple friends can't care less about board games but will always be down for a game of bohnanza.

  37. I would recommend Viticulture to everybody. A fantastic worker placement wine making game.

  38. Great list nothing wrong with the #1 pick. But I find that game doesn't have an interesting goal to finish other than reaching to the top on the template track. It's not required to reach to top but might give you those extra points. If playing solo the AI will always reach to the top

  39. My list would be waterdeep. Munchkin. Catan. Ticket to ride. Small world. Wingspan. Everdell. Takenoko. Takaido. Dominion.

  40. have you done a video on suggested board games for starter collection but not limited to a five year look back? Some of those runners up are still strong.

  41. I love your ship t shirt! Where did you buy it please?

  42. My top 10 in no particular order:
    Ticket to Ride (set collection)
    Pandemic Iberia (co-op)
    7 Wonders or Sushi Go (card drafting)
    Lords of Waterdeep (worker placement)
    Century: Spice Road Golem edition (engine building)
    6 nimmt (hand management)
    Libertalia (action selection)
    Bohnanza (trading)
    Skull (bluffing)
    Resistance (social deduction)

    Some notable ones
    El Grande (area control) If only they re-release a non big box version otherwise Mission Red Planet
    Telestration (drawing party game)
    Codename (clue giving party game)

  43. Here's a solid list for a not-so-board-gamy persons board game collection.

    1. Catan
    2. Ticket to Ride
    3. A deck of cards

  44. Bought lostruins of arnak and thoroughly enjoying it. Already played 5 times

  45. Planted, Beez and Ticket to Ride are games I would recommend. As for a card game Uno Flip. Another game kind of in its own category Segrada.

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