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10 Board Games to Start a Collection

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Join us as we discuss 10 board games we recommend if just starting your collection.

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  1. With the exception of Architects of the West Kingdom im gonna have to give a strong "Disagree" for the rest of those games to start a collection with. Pretty boring games most them. I'd start with Watergate, Pandemic (Its still awesome), Viticulture, Hansa Teutonica, Alien Frontiers, Agricola, Battle Line, Chinatown, Tammany Hall. Those are EXCELLENT EXCELLENT games and games I think you'd be happy with for a few years if those were all you bought. Also…Don't buy too many games. Have a little collection of 40-50 games but that money is better spent elsewhere and many games are similar to each other with slight reskins. Learn to love the games you have. Travel and invest instead of buying a crazy amount of board games. You aren't missing out that much. Trust me.

  2. My collection most definitely does not need a party game! 😂

  3. While I enjoyed the video overall, I strongly disliked the ad. I love the way you guys typically do sponsored content and hope that you forego this in the future.

  4. still dont understand why Monique always waves to the people sitting three rows behind me at the start

  5. No 2 player Games in your list? – Mandala, Splendor Duel are great 2 player game and should be in your collection. Larger player count game that are must have in the collection are i) The King is Dead (Chess like tactical game) (ii) Downforce or Heat Pedal to Metal (Racing Game), iii) Modern Art or Ra (Auction / Bidding Game), iv) Feed the Kraken (Party Game) and (v) Scout (Card game)

  6. This is a really good list with a good approach to variety. I would pick different games for a lot of categories, but Cascadia, Wingspan, and Just One are definite cross-overs with mine.
    A game I was quite surprised not to see here is Everdell, it's got such great theme and art, is relatively approachable at a baseline, and can grow into a really satisfying midweight euro once you start adding some expansion content.

  7. Great list ! I’ve almost played all of theme, Arboretum, Long Shot the dice game and Skull king would be a great addition as well to start a collection.

  8. I love your channel and I love your content, but the entire problem with a list like this is that it conflates gaming with collecting.

    If I knew someone just starting out, I would suggest that the rent or borrow or go to demos or play online and play as much as they can BEFORE buying anything. Get in the habit and mindset of buying once you know you will enjoy it and know you will play it.

    That’s the huge difference between “games you should play” and “games you should own in your collection”. Gaming should be about having fun and connecting with people you like, not a financial burden or obligation.

  9. Lol I can totally relate to naveen’s feeling of wingspan. I feel like that every time. The randomness problem is worse in wingspan because the cards are random, the resources are random, and the scoring conditions you get are random. Not every game with cards is as random as wingspan.

  10. Clank Legacy felt a bit awkward to me because it’s semi-coop.

  11. Great list many of these are in my top 25 of all time. Love Ethnos and think it’s a great recommendation. Archeos Society is a reimplementation coming and I’m wondering if it will give me the same enjoyment.

  12. Fun list, thank you. I'd add in a small card game such as Coloretto or Parade (thanks Naveen for convincing me to buy this fab game!) The cards, rules and player actions of these games are simple but lots of depth to the games. Good player count coverage too (Parade with 2 is great, not so much Coloretto).

  13. Nice one guys, some great games on the list, going to try a few of these this week.

  14. Just One makes you nervous, but Decrypto doesn't? My whole team looking at me, waiting for the perfect clues. Not too obvious, but clever enough to tip them off. I don't think I've ever been more nervous in my life.

  15. Solid list (some of my fave Gateway games on here), but ALSO: so happy my friend John taught me Flamecraft, sooooo cute and I neeeed it, but I also need those deluxe Dragon minis. ugh

  16. Do you have a list of filler games. Quick games with example – oh my goods.

  17. Nice list 😉. I think Trekking through history could be such a game to get into the hobby… And for me the underrated games Abyss and Brian Boru would also be on the list 😊

  18. Great video! Thank you for this list – and I actually very much enjoyed when you mentioned more games of the same kind.

  19. I played some games like ticket to ride or Carcassonne before, and none of them clicked much

    Then someone showed me Citadels. Then and there, I became a board games fan.


    Years later and many games later, I still cant shut up about it.

    The morał of the story business Citadels being the best gamecof all time is of course that you should teach people games you think they may like, and not games someone in a video said will be good for gateway.

  20. I own most of the games on this list and have introduced my family to a number of them. Instead of Clank, we play Cubitos for the push your luck mechanic. My family really enjoys it and the expansion will likely help get it to the table more often.

    I have tried some heavier games but feel like I enjoy games at the weight of Lost Ruins of Arnak best along with some of the lighter games like Space Base and Wingspan.

    This hobby is such a great one in finding fun in a variety of complexities and mechanics.

  21. I think the idea of a collection goes beyond the notion of gateway or introductory games because it implies that these games are sticking around, but as with most things we need to establish what we enjoy most and lean into them versus just having games that are popular even if we don’t enjoy the mechanics.

    I do very much agree that a collection should have a variety of mechanics to create different gaming experiences. Of course someone may find that they vastly prefer one or two mechanisms to others and ultimately fill their collection with just one or two types of games. It may make it difficult to help others into the hobby but we shouldn’t spend our money on games we won’t ultimately enjoy.

    Just my two cents.

  22. Monique, I am so with you on Codenames. I agree it is highly popular (notably the BGB crew loves it), but I personally find it very "meh" and about the most overrated game there is.

  23. I appreciate the disclaimer on the sponsored video from before

  24. It's been 3 days and I'm still recovering from the Carcassonne revelation.

  25. 100% Recommend:
    Lockup and Dice forge

    2 player specific games:
    Star wars the deckbuilding game

    "Party Game"
    Taco cat goat cheese pizza.

    Have you guys played any of these?

  26. Love this 30 game top 10 list ;). I'm just kidding, it made me laugh. Those were great examples honestly!

  27. I think the title of this should note since the year you started.

    I’d be intrigued as to how you rank some of the runner ups and your all time list of games to start your collection with.

  28. Love this list. You really hit all the targets. Great suggestions. Totally agree with you and very surprisse that "Nev" has not played Carcassonne. It was my gateway to the hobby.

  29. azul chocolatier has some additional gameplay variant 🙂

  30. I think its very important to take into account if you are most likely going to be playing predominantly with 2 players or 3+, some games scale well at 2 players and some really dont. With this taken into account I would recommend the following;

    2 Players only (or at least most of the time);
    Splendor Duel
    7 Wonders Duel
    Ganz Shoen Clever
    Stardew Valley
    Junk Art
    MicroMacro: Crime City

    Survive: Escape From Atlantis
    7 Wonders
    Uno Flip
    Ticket To Ride

  31. I would include Letter Jam- a cooperative word game that is more fun than you might think. I have wonderful memories of playing Carcassonne with my 90 yo father-he pulled out an epic win with his last tile. The crew is great with people who like trick taking card games.

  32. 5:42 Whoever I thought of this game everyone loved it. Easy to play, hard to master 🙂 ofc the expansion Skullport module is a must.
    Nice list 80% of them are in my collection as well. I really appreciate that you keep Wingspan on this list and not Earth.

  33. Some small comments.

    1. Amongst Monique’s honourable mention, I am appalled at the non-mention of Splendor!!! Surely Splendor should have qualified in a list of 10. Haha

    As for your actual list of 10, I have not played Welcome to… as I’m really not into roll and write/ flip and write. The only other game which I don’t own is Clank! Simply because I prefer Dominion over Clank!

    Overall, this is a great list to follow if you’re starting a new collection. 🎉🎉

  34. 7 Wonders Architects is a go to recommend for me.

  35. I've not got room for more than 10 larger games, so I had to think really hard about this. I needed to hit all the big pillars and have a mix of light, co-op and heavy.

    I have settled on

    Carcassone (I have the 20th Annaversary Edition)
    Ticket to ride (I have Europe but honestly America + the expansion is better)
    Small World (Of Warcraft)
    Viticulture (Essential Edition is a must)
    Marvel United
    Scotland Yard
    Ark Nova (Terraforming Mars, Scythe or Wingspan might be better for some people in this slot)

    I recommend a Muchkin, Lets Summon Demons, a Fluxx, A Tiny Epic and Port Royal as small games to add to those 10.

  36. Your Lost Ruins of Arnak playthrough was how I discovered your channel. I ended up buying a copy and have really enjoyed it, mostly solo, so thanks! I think Chinatown is another great game for starting a collection, with simple rules and high player interaction given it's all about negotiation.

  37. I think 7 Wonders Architects is a much better newbie game than the original.

  38. Above and below is a great game that begins to open up the narrative genre. I would definitely add that to the list.

  39. YOu shouldnt' be allowed to host a boardgame show without having ever played Stone Age or Power Grid!

  40. Is that a chunk, no captain chunk shirt?

  41. Great list. I highly suggest Lord of Waterdeep as a step into worker placement games. Found my (unused) copy in a charity shop when I was just getting into the hobby!

  42. My list would be Ticket To Ride(Set Collection), 7 Wonders(Drafting), Dominion or Paperback or Clank (DeckBuilding, i would tend to sway lighter if I could only have 10 because they are easier to get to the table, but Dune: Imperium is a great pick here too.), Just One or Codenames(PartyGame), Architects or Raiders of the North Sea(Worker Placement), Wingspan(Engine Building), Welcome to(flip and write), Cat in the Box or the Crew(trick taking), Atlantis Rising(coop, again I’d tend to sway lighter but really Spirit island is the best coop imo, also only game I really enjoy solo), Dice Throne(mainly for 2 player, but just straight up fun dice battler)

  43. definitely try lords of waterdeep with expansions (eg on ipad), i would not play it w/o them ever again

  44. The games I played first that got me into the hobby were Carcassonne (the actual start to my collection), Ticket to Ride (not my copy), Zombicide (not my copy), Takenoko, Azul, and Wingspan in that order, and they would all make my list though Zombicide might be too pricy for most new gamers.

    But social deduction betrayal games were almost an “anti-gateway” to me on the other hand. I’d recommend them carefully because the ones I played almost scared me away. I cannot handle that kind of social pressure.

    I noticed a lack of lying or betrayal games in this list too (including honorable mentions) was there a reason for that?

  45. Here are ten games I could see being a good way to start a collection depending on the gamer with the understanding that some of these might too pricy or intimidating for some while being a perfect early purchase to others.

    Ticket to Ride
    Pandemic/Wrath of Lich King/Clone Wars
    Santorini (2p) / Santorini NY (2p+)

    There aren’t any worker placement games on this list because I don’t think I’ve played enough good entry level ones to recommend. I love Viticulture and it might be a gateway for some but I have had poor luck introducing new people to it. Maybe I’d suggest Raiders of the North Sea.

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