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10 Small Games You Should Know About

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I recommend ten small card games, social games and 2 player games that come in small boxes that I’ve been enjoying over the last year.
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1️⃣Spies, Lies and Supplies –
2️⃣Order Overload: Cafe –
3️⃣Vaalbara –
4️⃣My Favourite Things –
5️⃣Star Wars Deckbuilding Game –
6️⃣The Number –
7️⃣Phantom Ink –
8️⃣Quickity Pickity:
9️⃣Noggin –
🔟No Mercy! –
PUSH Review –
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  1. I listen to a lot of channels , and that "in case its a particularly upbeat funeral…"

  2. About Order Overload: "You won't remember them all!" – Tell that to a Costa's barista! 😅

  3. Just wanted to say, my wife and I bought the star wars deckbuilding game a month ago and it's quickly become our favorite game. We play it daily, maybe even multiple times a day. The only problem is that my wife refuses to not play the rebels!

  4. how is "my favorite thing" still not released

  5. “Luke Skywalker…famously the son of Buzz Lightyear” 😂 thank you John

  6. Sad that almost any of that are in Brazil already

  7. Noggin and No Mercy don't have chapter markers.

  8. Nice video.
    Obviously this list needs many more games that are small, very good and entertaining games, among them I can recommend 100%
    Villages of Valeria
    Quests of Valeria
    Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off
    Power Failure
    Germania Magna: Border in Flames
    Pocket Mars
    300: Earth & Water
    Multiuniversum Card Game
    Saboteur: The Dark Cave
    One deck Dungeon, etc.

  9. Some of these are actual games I can play with my family, who are not gamers.

  10. So, one day, I bought a compact chess set to place in my car, just in case I'm out with friends and we get board (hehe) in traffic or waiting for something. And turns out it payed off big time when I had to bring my car in for repairs an hour and a half away from my house. Very specific circumstance, I know, but having to wait around 4 to 5 hours without anything but our phones is a lot more boring and draining than you'd expect. If we didn't have that chess set that is. Not only did I get to teach my friend how to play chess, we also had a surprising amount of fun with it. It showed me that having something else to do that doesn't rely on our phones is really good. And now I'm looking for more compact/small games to keep in my car, just in case we need to bust out some fun.

    With that, thank you for this video! Some of these games would most likely make us hate each other, I've already ordered them, and I can already see us laughing and cheering at some of the others. Thank you, my friend!

  11. Order Overload is game that is really that I didn't think I would enjoy because I am typically bored by these "activity" style games. A similar game that surprised me with how much fun I had with it is That's Not a Hat. Based on the description, it does not sound like a game I want to play, but this game was so fun and funny

  12. My bf is a chef, my sister a waitress, and my bffs are a cafe owner and another waitress. I bet they'd crush and carry me at Order Overload lmao.

  13. I really liked Order Overload, but it’s no longer available on Amazon and I couldn’t find it on ebay. The company that made it is Japanese and I think they only ship to Europe. Do you know somewhere else I can find it?

  14. Hey I would like to suggest Not So Neighborly by Fanbam Games. Fun little deck building card game

  15. I loved the number: it's simple but so much about it: you can even play it with just paper and pen and it's amazing.

  16. Really, no-one caught the "red shirt" reference in the star wars game, classically hilarious and well done sir!

  17. Games put the "fun" in "funeral". I know for a fact that at my funeral, there WILL be a gameplay area or two.

  18. My top 3 small games are, Dungeon Mayhem, Mantis, and We didn’t play test this (at all/either)

  19. Thanks for all these videos, can we get a Top 10 games for solo players? 😀

  20. Thank you so much for this!!! We bought Air, Land & Sea: Spies, Lies & Supplies because of this video. We loved it so much!! Thank you for what you do!!

  21. Speaking of small, are you like 6’6”?

  22. Just the description of Order Overload stressed me out so much I had to pause the video and step away lmao

  23. vaalbara, order overload and my favorite things are impossible to acquire.

    nothing to see here carry on

  24. Color me shocked that you had a ten small games list without an Oink Game! Startups and Maskmen are probably my faves.

  25. Also, if you can't get a hold of No Mercy, maybe you can just use regular playing cards?

  26. "the number" was actually there before, just with only one digit.

  27. Star realms missing from the list is criminal. The level of under ratedness of that game in general is criminal. It's an extremely approachable deckbuilder with basically no setup, super portable and short games (around 10 mins tops). Could not recommend it enough

  28. Thank you for the fun and informative list! I wrote down a few of these, some didn't resonate, but others like The Number really interest me!

  29. “Famously the Sun of Buzz Lightyear.” Had me cackling. 😂😂😂

  30. star wars game seems very similar to a game called star realms

  31. I Love the edit on your video , sectioned, ordered and well-cooked

  32. The fact that Regicide isn't on this list is criminal.
    If you, or anyone else reading this, haven't played that game: please try it out as soon as possible.

  33. Age of War is my go to for a small game that is easy to teach to new people, can accommodate a lot of players, and has a good balance between having enough strategic depth to be entertaining and being random enough for people who just want to throw dice around.

  34. Smallest game I carry with a lot of variety…. A deck of standard cards. From playing a solo game to games with up to 6-8 players. I can play with adults or children. No other game has that variety.

  35. For the life of me I can’t find anote for how many cards are in the deck for Noggin.

  36. As soon as I saw the card that read "Initials" and the letters L and B, I reflexively shouted "Leo-nard Bern-stein!"

  37. Another game very similar to the 3rd is 'Fox in the Forest" except its a lot cheaper.

  38. No reason a small game shouldn’t be game of the year.

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