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$10 VS $75 playing cards! #shorts

Gavin Wong Magic
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Who will win – the $10 playing cards or the $75 deck of cards?

Get the Bicycle Ghost Legacy deck here:

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  1. ❤❤❤😮😮😮😊😊😊

  2. i loved the part where he showed the $75 one

  3. Me with PGtips monkey playing cards

  4. After watching the second video I can conclude you have wasted 75 dollars

  5. Purposely not watching the “part 2”.

    You want a build a following by posting shit like this and expecting people to click the second part. I’m just going to block tou

  6. those "$75" playing cards are really only 12 dollars… 😂

  7. Who pays 75 pounds for bloody playing cards?????

  8. So where is the cherry casino deck video huh?

  9. for me its always going to be 50 cent goodwill marked casino cards

  10. ive had 50 cent cards for 3 years and they havent bent

  11. I have a $10,000,000,000,000,000, playing cards

  12. How did you make that in 0:11 ?

    That’s was amazing 🤩

    Can you tell me plz🙏🏻

  13. there's no way someone would buy playing cards for 75 dollars bro like why

  14. Please help me find black ghost I'm in Turkey

  15. hello i wa t to ask whats the name of the third card trick? thank you

  16. Damn I remember back when I was like 10 I wanted the V1 black ghosts from theory11 when I used to do magic and slight of hand

  17. The 10$ deck do be looking sexy though

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