$1700 POT w/ POCKET JACKS!! *WE SET THE TRAP AND WIN BIG!! #shorts #poker - finalbosscardgame.com

$1700 POT w/ POCKET JACKS!! *WE SET THE TRAP AND WIN BIG!! #shorts #poker

Wolfgang Poker
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#shorts #poker #pokervlog

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  1. the guy has way more chips then everyone else, can easily bully everyone.

  2. Kadang jg gini gertak kartu sana malah pas bagus 😂😂😂

  3. สุดยอดมากเลยค่ะพี่

  4. Someone please explain poker to me like I am 5 year old

  5. Allah her kazancın helal olanını nasib etsin inşallah

  6. Perdón la ignorancia Pero cuánto tiene este hombre en fichas,se ve que es mucho

  7. constantly playing with the chips would tilt me so much I'm not playing at that table

  8. I need's to learn how to play this game.
    Always played the hood versión of the casinos, 7-11 C-LOW, black jack, & at home some Monopoly with real money….😂😂😂😂😂

  9. But some time bluff not working and u lose big 😂😂😂😂

  10. الله يبعدنا عن هاي الالعاب

  11. bro next to u a wizard with the chip tricks

  12. Why is the dealer commentating the action?

  13. How the hell did this get 3.4 million views Wolfgang?? The GOAT

  14. Wtf is that guy raising on the flop with that he's folding on the turn???

  15. You had pocket Js against 6 people, the flop comes 10 high and you initially check?!?!?

    Way to protect your lead there…. smh

  16. Is this guy buying views? How the f does a poker video get 106MILLION views?

  17. It’s always nice to play with a bunch of fish

  18. I literally love your contents pls dont died

  19. that tip is suspicious, i have seen how dealers can manipulate the cards to deal what they want to be dealt how they want it to be dealt.

  20. Why tf does this video over 100 million views? Makes no sense

  21. So weird that this video became the most watched poker video on YouTube. The algorithm makes no sense lol 😂

  22. I don't have to watch the video you explain the whole thing

  23. Get ai to say jiggities correctly must have been hard. 😂

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