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2$ Deck of Cards vs 200$ Deck of Cards!!

Chris Ramsay
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Blindfolded, I honestly barely knew the difference…

Many people get caught up in the whole playing card hype but ask yourself what you’re buying them for. If it’s quality, you can find that in almost every deck made by USPCC. BUT if its rarity.. well you’re screwed! jk, check out the limited ones. KS has a bunch. Ellusionist.com etc..


For more high quality playing cards:

Ordinary playing cards:

THIS IS THE WINNER!!: The Prophets Magic

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  1. I am really late to this but watching Chris messing around with the cards is super mesmerizing

  2. Me here with my rs35= 50cents card💔

  3. Lmao that comparison…
    Why did it work so well tho

  4. I have 2 ideas voor video's

    Cards decks that are cheap that will rise in price

    And card decks with classic looks😁

    Ps. Great youtuber you made my week

  5. No way in hell I would pay 200 for a deck of cards

  6. LOL but 200 is the shipping only..

    Joking** lol.

  7. If so, what is the name of excellent playing cards?

  8. Those are not 200$ vs 2$ actually they are 20$ vs 2$ 😂😂🤣

  9. I thought bicycle cards are world bestest cards because i don't have 😥

  10. Just because there selling for that price doesn't mean there worth that

  11. I mean ya gotta admit, bycicle makes some really quality cards for a really good price

  12. why is it 200?
    it isnt made of titanium, isnt RBG, and doesnt have wifi capability

  13. I know I'm like 3 years late to this party but the that's what she said jokes in this segment are god tier.

  14. <- shrek has been exercising😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. when he talked about the 2$ cards as a go-to friend when the others are busy, i felt that…

  16. @chris Ramsay Iv just starting to learn been watching a lot of your videos what you done past 3-4 years ago I’m learning with the cheap ones what are plastic 🤦🏼 but they do the job for now when learning ✌🏻

  17. No.. it cost 15$ when you bought them. And you can buy there new stuff for 15$ .

  18. Many countries: Bicycles cards for $2
    My Latinamerican country: 1 5 D O L L A R S

  19. Hey I saw some plastic cards and they were even cheaper than these. I’m not really a big card person so could you please tell me the reason behind that. And also those card were pretty thin

  20. Deck 1- mmm yes virtuoso

  21. I don’t care about how they look, or about how much they cost, they all taste the same

  22. Cardistry is an art !!!! I wish it were taken more seriously by the general public! In Rome there are cardistry street performers who you can approach and for a bit of change they might even show you an impromptu card trick after their set

  23. What is the difference of the pack of cards?

  24. 200$ deck of cards? That’s cheap for clash royale or MTG lol

  25. He said damn it because he doesnt know lol

  26. Clickbait, you should be ashamed. This is pathetic

  27. 12$ card vs 2$ card
    Just imagine,a 2$ card is better than 12$ card

  28. As useless as a screen door on a submarine 😂

  29. Bro I love all ur videos. I just went and bought a bicycle pack haha I live in reno so I just had some used casino cards. But I can do all the stuff in ur cardistry video. Currently perfecting thr simple cuts before I move onto your fan tutorial! You tutorials are so easy to follow and big difference between other people.

  30. Tomorrow is my 18th birthday but i still can't buy a bicycle card, im from Philippines i love card magic but i don't have the money to buy one 😢 i hope my greatest idol can give me a bicycle card ☺️

  31. meanwhile me who bought mine for 88 cents

  32. Its only 200 coz its an older limited edition.

  33. Personally the newest bicycle cards are quite amazing

  34. Suits in a card deck
    Spade:Wide black heart on a stalk
    Heart:Narrow red heart
    Diamond:Red rhombus
    Club:Cross or three balls on a stalk

  35. Michael Turner was shaking his head on your first prediction…

  36. Oh, My Birthday is Tomorrow BTW!! Address in Description if you wanna send me something… jk..not really tho. It's there. #mailtime

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