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2 Player Hearts – Card Games for 2 Players

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Hearts for 2 Players – 2 Player Card Games … Check out more two player games here:

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If you would like to incorporate the passing rule, pass one card to your opponent every other round.

Since it is possible for hearts and the queen of spades to be in the widow, total possible points for shooting the moon technically change. To keep scoring simple, stick with awarding 20 points for shooting the moon. For a different challenge, only award points equal to the amount of penalty cards available that round.

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  2. What happens if one of the hearts is in the widow and someone shoots the moon? Do you still give them 20 points or 19?

  3. Do you still pass 3 cards to each other in this game

  4. What happens if you shoot the moon but you only get 19 points because a heart was in the 2 cards set aside?

  5. Enjoyed the vid! I read somewhere that along with passing 1 card instead of 3 you could also make the Qs worth just 7 to keep the Q/hearts value ratio the same, and then play 1st to 50?

  6. What happens if the queen of hearts is in the widow and some one shoots the moon

  7. what happens if there is a tie if two aces: the leading one is clubs, the other player doesn't have clubs and throws an ace of hearts?

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