2017 NL Wild Card Game (Rockies vs. D-backs) | #MLBAtHome - finalbosscardgame.com

2017 NL Wild Card Game (Rockies vs. D-backs) | #MLBAtHome

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Let’s look back at the crazy 2017 Wild Card Game that saw the D-backs

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  1. Now Arizona is finally back in the playoffs 6 years later and finally won their first playoff series in 16 years

  2. Wish the Dbacks had the money to keep JD man having him on the team for that couple months was so fun to watch

  3. The TBS sound crew didn’t do a great job capturing the sound in this game. I was at this game. That ballpark went absolutely ballistic when Archie hit that triple. Loudest I’ve ever heard Chase Field.

  4. Best WC games ever: 2007- Padres – Colorado2014- A's – Royals2016- Giants – Mets (if you're into pitchers duels)The weirdest thing about the WC game is that it has better ratings than the DS/LCS

  5. The last time before 2017 the rockies were in the playoffs was in 2008.

  6. In 2017 I’m surprised the dbacks and Rockies were in the playoffs who were the best players and pitchers on both teams? Also as I’m watching I didn’t know greinke and JD were on the dbacks in 2017

  7. this was the greatest playoff game since 2017.

  8. Thanks, I just remembered the pain being a Rockies fan gives me

  9. Back toward THAT wall…gone. Lol. Ernie Johnson needs to stick with the NBA imho.

  10. MLB could've titled this "That game where Archie Bradley hit the triple" and I think most MLB fans would've understood

  11. Joe -#1 Astros Altuve and Greinke fan 4 Life says:

    Probably knew what pitches were coming

  12. Rockies beat the Cubs in the 2018 Wild Card game at Wrigley Field


  14. Came all the from ALASKA to watch the diamondbacks. Lamb. Rodney. Greinke. Ray. Ketel. Archie. Goldy. J.D.The sheriff. I really thought we had it 2017 but NLDS we just froze up. 123 games. I just made the NLDS GM 3 wow such a shame of swings even goldy looked awful with that last hope of a hit. JD as well choked up. But, we were really relying on him for A LOT

  15. Maybe they could have beat the Houston cheaters.

  16. Bring steroids back to the game of base ball it would make it a lot more enjoyable…. yeah I have all the queens I want … I don’t have kids …. that would be literally impossible…. unless when I was in my very early youth …. pollute the youth …. yes I am god and the devil so I am the all encompassing youth minister

  17. That lady behind home plate cursing out the umpire for calling a ball a foot off the plate a ball. Yeah I don’t think I could ever date a blonde chick too dumb and annoying

  18. 19 runs in 1 game. Open th flood gates. At that point, 11 batting champs 🏆 in 25 years for Colorado. Coors is such a hitters prk

  19. thanks this game is awesome , not bored at all …

  20. I was at this game. I flew from Billings, MT to attend.

  21. 18:04-Goldschmit’s 3 Run Home Run (3-0 Diamondbacks)
    41:54-Marte’s RBI Triple (4-0 Diamondbacks)
    1:02:34-Descalso’s 2 Run Home Run (6-0 Diamondbacks)
    1:10:34-Parra’s RBI Single (6-1 Diamondbacks)
    1:14:46-Reynolds’s RBI Groundout (6-2 Diamondbacks)
    1:16:16-Lucroy’s RBI Double (6-3 Diamondbacks)
    1:18:10-Amarista’s RBI Single (6-4 Diamondbacks)
    2:08:54– Blackmon’s Sac Bunt (6-5 Diamondbacks)
    2:21:08-Bradley’s 2 Run Triple (8-5 Diamondbacks)
    2:26:44-Arenado’s Solo Home Run (8-6 Diamondbacks)
    2:28:20-Story’s Solo Home Run (8-7 Diamondbacks)
    2:53:30-Pollock’s 2 Run Triple (10-7 Diamondbacks)
    2:56:26-Mathis’s RBI Bunt Single (11-7 Diamondbacks)
    3:07:12-Cargo’s RBI Single (11-8 Diamondbacks)
    3:09:40-Diamondbacks Win Wild Card 11-8

  22. Dbacks were actually stacked that year. Goldschmidt, Pollock, JD Martinez, David Peralta, Jake Lamb. Greinke and Robbie Ray with Cy Young-type seasons and Corbin a legit 3rd ace. Archie Bradley with his 1.73 ERA. Damn. It’s a shame they didn’t win it all that year

  23. The best player on each team are both Cardinals now.

  24. I am a Rays fan… and I love the bad teams but I loved the Diamondbacks I hope they get better

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