2019 NL Wild Card Game, Brewers vs. Nationals (Nats' awesome comeback) | #MLBAtHome - finalbosscardgame.com

2019 NL Wild Card Game, Brewers vs. Nationals (Nats’ awesome comeback) | #MLBAtHome

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The 2019 NL Wild Card Game turned out to be one of the most exciting WC games, as the Nats made a late push led by young star Juan Soto.

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  1. 8:54-Grandal’s 2 Run Home Run (2-0 Brewers)
    20:18-Thames’s Solo Home Run (3-0 Brewers)
    46:08-Turner’s Solo Home Run (3-1 Brewers)
    2:17:30-Soto’s 3 Run Double (4-3 Nationals)
    2:23:38-Nationals Win 4-3

  2. This guy in the live chat @uncle chicken1 has a hard on for Canada, particular Montreal, getting a new MLB. I can absolutely sympathize with him as a Northern Virginian who didn't have a mlb team for so long. That said, seems pretty scummy as if he's subtly trying to say "Come on MLB, relocate the Nationals back to Montreal already!" Ugh, if that's what he was saying then screw him.

  3. I love Robles' reaction on the final out lol

  4. watching this game live…a whole experience l

  5. poor Grisham though
    the sent him to San Diego for that misplay
    but now it's good seeing him have success there while the Brewers struggle still

  6. It's so weird to watch this game and see a stadium packed with fans. I'm getting too used to cardboard cutouts

  7. Not even a nats fan but I picked them to win it all as soon as soto got that hit it changed everything FINALLY something went the nats way in the postseason

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  9. 2019 MLB was the last great year ever for MLB.

  10. After all of the Division Championships that ended in postseason disappointment I always said if the Nats finally break through it will be a year in which they sneak into the playoffs as a hot Wild Card team & win it all! IT HAPPENED!!!

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  12. The Brewers then send Grisham to SD. Not sure if that was a smart decision.

  13. beat game i’ve ever seen in my life. seriously have never been somewhere as loud as that 8th inning

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  15. I'm not intentionally knocking the Brewers here (OK, MAYBE A TAD)
    But they're becoming more and more like the Packers every year in the postseason…

  16. Robles might be a great fielder but he seems legit scared of the ball when he’s in the box.

  17. Andrew Stevenson from my hometown of Lafayette La. Didn’t know that. Hopefully he gets back to the majors

  18. Eric Thames has played Pro baseball in 3 different countries. He had a 3+1 with the Brewers but even though his OPS with them was 848 through 3 seasons they didn’t exercise the 4th year option for 7 million which is kind of odd.

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