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  1. optimus prime is in pokemon xy journey he was counterpart of mickey mouse

  2. pokemon xy journey is tv show come out 2024

  3. Crash Team Rumble is so much fun too!

  4. Wouldn’t be surprised if you cover past kids meal toys from Spyro Eternal Night or the Crash/Spyro Taco Bell toys, huge fan of both games.

  5. You should do a poll of what are the most highly requested fast food toy line.

  6. For Crash Bandicoot & Spyro The Dragon, They Are From Activision & I Have Those 2 Video Games For The Nintendo Switch🎮

  7. I may not know a lot about Crash Bandicoot, but this was an awesome review. But is it just me, or are kids meal toys not like how they used to be like? Back in the day, they were actually good. Now it looks like most of them are going downhill.

  8. I gotta go with both the crash and spyro plushies cause I love Dingodile💖🐊 and Spyro!💖🐲🐉

  9. Crash Team Rumble 2023 McDonald's
    Nickelodeon Games DHX Media
    Frederator Studios Skydance Animation
    Hasbro Studios Rocket Fund Canada Inc

  10. It's good that we're seeing Crash once again at McDonald's

  11. Doctor n trophy is the greatest video game villain ever

  12. Crash Collector Card Game
    Crash's Memory Card Game
    Spyro's Memory Card Game
    Crash and Dingodile Plush
    Coco and Spyro Plush
    Stack-n-Crash Challenge
    Speed Puzzle Challenge
    Tawna's Tic-Tac-Toe Game

  13. Hey Plumber Boy! Mustache Man! Your worst nightmare is baaaack!!!

  14. Thanks for making this video im The Big Crash Bandicoot Fan❤

  15. You know I was gonna collect this set, but I might not. I do like Crash Bandicoot but I don’t really know how I feel about this set. The tins would be nice to have.

  16. A. The Crash Collector Card
    B. The Crash's Memory Card
    C. The Spyro's Memory Card
    D. The Crash And Dingodile Puzzle
    E. The Coco And Spyro Plush
    F. The Stack N Crash
    G. The Speed Puzzle
    H. The Tawna's Tic Tac Toe

  17. It is a 4v4 multiplayer game that tasks players with leading their squad to victory as they slide, smash, bump, and bash as a team to be the 'fur-st' to bank the most Wumpa fruit in their drop-off zone while simultaneously defending the opponent team's drop zone.

  18. Select your character from a cast of Crash favorites, then enter the arena, where you and your teammates will compete in a 4v4 competition to bank the most Wumpa fruit in your drop-off zone. Rise as a hero, or feed your inner villain across a wild and N.

  19. really want that Coco plush pillow thing, but so far its only cards lol. Come on Coco is the best character of all time.

  20. Wheres nina cortex, tiny tiger, crunch bandicoot, uka uka and ripto

  21. I Have These Trading Cards Yesterday

  22. I can't wait to see if They got The Plushies you know what also my other favorite toy is the stackable Toys 14:57

  23. In celebration of Spyro Elora and Ripto in the game

  24. Nah pass these mcdonalds toys S#ck this time. Only cause they didn't do plastic looks like cheap useless paper or whatever there doing now.

  25. Even it Here in the Middle East? 😍

  26. İ wished for a real to of crash not a cardboard

  27. If you had both memory card games you could mix both decks to make the game more challenging

  28. As the local Neo Cortex lover, we got robbed 😔 wish they made another one of the double sided plush keychains with Cortex and maybe Tawna on the other side

  29. I reambet seeing this at McDonald’s I was like wait a second Crash team rumbel? I was cerius but I was to old to get one and I knew I would not be able to see them 🙁 but you thankfully did this so thanks 👍

  30. They actually threw the male N tropy in there

  31. Crash Bandicoot McDonald's India Commercial 🇮🇳

  32. I thought there is going to be Astro’s playroom 😢

  33. Thank you very much for showing us every piece of 8 altogether from Crash Team Rumble of Mac Donald's latest toy series.
    I really aprpeciate your efforts as well as your very friendly way of introducing your viewers into all of that.
    You made a very cool, very interesting, very funny, and also very entertaining video.
    Really, thank you!
    And I also really wish that these toys will be available all over the world.

  34. As a huge crash fan, I can say that these “toys” are lame for kids, I don’t think of a crash card game, they could’ve done much more creative toys, a spinning crash, small cortex raygun, idk. Something to entertain a kid. Great review!!!

  35. 4:55 this is the one I got! I put on my Christmas tree cuz why not

  36. Omg putting catbat on their ears LOL. Thank you for the video! Do you by any chance know if these are a weekly change or just random?

  37. I have the Crash/Dingodile pocket pillow!😊

  38. I went in Mcdonalds I saw there isnt crash team rumble toys but how

  39. Is no one gonna talk about that before these Activision gave us the Skylanders toys (2013-2016)

  40. I was very disappointed in these “toys”

  41. ah i went to mcdonalds the other day if i would have known the spyro memory game( which is what they had when i went) came with that cool tin i wouldve got it

  42. Funny how he freaked out over trying to read names.

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