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2023 – Failed Card Games – Discussion

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  1. Rudy do you still have world of warcraft tcg

  2. I played so many CCG's back in the 90's. Star Trek, Star Wars were great to collect, I still have all my ST cards – except i can't find my Fajo collection – (this really pisses me off).

    I also played wyvern, Illuminati, Lord of the rings and many more. One of my other favorites was Legend of the Five rings. Still have my Naga deck somewhere.

    But my serious #2 game (after magic) was called Rage.

  3. I mean, it blows my tiny mind that people don't understand how much speculation goes into any paper/cardboard/plastic/Timmy product. I might just be tapping out to deal one to your face, but I don't think I can blame anyone (yourself included over something like MetaZoo. Buy and hold and hope it goes up.

    If someone wanted a safe long term investment vehicle, they'd be into things like gold, high-yield savings (4% on average), index funds, bonds, etc.

    Fact is, cardboard isn't always it. My stock of pornographic pogs has only depreciated for some reason. I blame Rudy. Fucker. Could have made us both money, but he refused to push them.

  4. Hey Rudy, wanted to check out your account in patreon and it seems that I am blocked. Any reason for that?

  5. Hoping for netrunner talk. Never played but love the cards.

  6. I still think Rudy intentionally placed that triangle shaped piece of paper in the middle of his shelf because it looks like the “play” symbol.

  7. The reason people dont care about resudual value is because most of us have no way to unload the value. If i take a cyclonic rift i will get half price anyways. It just doesnt matter. In my budget cards get lumped into my 100 dollars of fun money and i consider it a loss.

  8. Love the way you just Costanza'ed that.

  9. What happened at 02:31? Were there blinds that were opened? If so, who opened them? 🤔 Is Rudy’s channel not done by himself? Is there in fact a whole film crew behind the camera? Is he in fact a pawn of Hasbro? 😵‍💫

  10. 2023 Q3 Hasbro, Inc. revenue declined 10%
    with significant growth in Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming segment (+40%)
    not able to offset the declines in Consumer Products (-18%) and Entertainment (-42%).

    Seems like Magic is knocking it out of the park for Hasbro,
    under current leadership and print runs.
    COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what Rudy says.

    So unlikely anything will change with MTG to the benefit
    of the secondary market, because what Hasbro is doing,
    While it might be hurting the secondary/collectible market,
    and guys like Rudy, that does not matter to Hasbro,
    they are obviously willing to sacrifice the secondary market,
    have been for a year,
    and their revenue is UP.

    So the whole idea of the collector/investor market as
    an important part of their business success
    has been disproven by their sales numbers.
    I would think to Hasbro, a MTG set/box from last year
    or 5 years ago, is like a newspaper from last month
    to a publisher, its an old product, out of its life cycle,
    we no longer make money on it, thus we don't care, next.

  11. Buddyfight still popular? Damn. Crazy. Almost like the game itself wasn't the problem and instead was the parent company not knowing how to manage any of their properties. I'd say properties not named vanguard but even that's being called into question over the past few years

  12. I know weiss schwarz isn't a 2023 card game, but i wonder if people still buy weiss cards. I have some really rare kill la kill and attack on Titan cards that are worth a lot. When weiss came out, my girlfriend and I got really into it, and it seems like it just dropped off of the face of the earth.

  13. Hey what's up Rudy from alpha Investments been watching a show for at least 5 years I totally respect what you did with your business I wish you a Happy New year I wish you and your family the best I want to buy a box of MTG off if one day got to save up first

  14. 27:20-28-14. Rudy said the thing out loud for the first time. Does anyone else understand the gravity of this?

  15. From the very beginning, every single CCG has been compared to MtG. At the end of the day I think this is why most new CCGs fail. Given the choice, most folks who play both MtG and another game would rather play Magic than something else. The most successful non-MtG CCGs (Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc.) are the ones which find a way to appeal to a different market segment. Of the new CCGs on the market right now, I would give Lorcana the best chance of survival because of who it is being markets to.

  16. That new drawing up left on the bookcase is awesome!

  17. Aha Rudy finally admits he's a front for the evil Umbrella corporation and the T-Virus…speading the virus on MTG cardboard products 😂😅😊

  18. People who play the game for the game. Don’t sell their cards

  19. Even tough people don't like the new reserve list, it is already here. Secret lair, as much as they are hated, have a guarantee of no reprint of their art. That is the beginning of something at least (Even if it has no impact on gameplay).

  20. RUDY!!!! Decipher's Star Wars CCG was great up until WotC managed to get the license for the IP away from Decipher. Some bad Decipher management was also at fault. The game was much more immersive than other games.

  21. slams credit card on the table What do you have for Highlander: The Card Game?!

  22. There were some TCG's from the 90's that weren't too bad. "EVE The Second Genesis" from around 2004-2005 is one my favorites.

  23. Still waiting on rudy to chime in on Grand Archive and Weebs of the Shore 😂

  24. I always thought the star wars tcg from the 90's was a really cool game but it never took off for whatever reason. Despite having a few sets and even a white boarder reprint set.

  25. lol LOL

    i feel called out maybe because you were triggered.

    you know i want you to win, just not with my money.

    because seriously, i think you probably do just enough work as well. maybe not to get fired but definitely to pay your bills and maybe a mortgage.

    the rest is gravy. you probs didn't even break a sweat. wouldn't it be great if everyone could live like that?

    also, i only saw the first five minutes of "a depressing video – part 1" had to go out. came back and it disappeared.

    should put it back.

  26. Force of Will was a heartbreaker. Truly

  27. This is what MetaZoo needs to do: Send each LGS about 12 boxes and have no reprint and no restock.

  28. My advice to anyone reading this don’t listen to a word this jackass says.

  29. Rudy, why do you keep calling yourself the bad guy??? I’ve heard you say it in several videos yet I cannot see a reason why people would think that. Because you have money, cards and know how to navigate the card world? Stop letting the haters get to you. I think some of your advice is very insightful and educating. Keep on keeping on!!

  30. oooo failed card games. i wonder if hes going to talk about metazoo

  31. beeitch didn't even wish us a Happy New Year lol

  32. Young Jedi Knights would not have failed if I was 34 years old in 1999. I liked it and would have supported it and used my resources to help organize tournaments.

    OK lol I'm just one guy there's lots of Star Wars nerds.

  33. Dear Rudy:

    Ixalan was not able to make Masterpieces continuously.

    Eldraine made Collector Boosters.

    Serialized cards are working.

    500 is not random. They picked that number assuming it was close to as rare as a Lotus.

    Serialized to 500 is working.

  34. Rudy – Fina Repacked H2O and it’s the play button. I noticed it, now notice me Senpai Rudy, lol

  35. 2024 is a great year. Finally hello kity boxes at 48$ seem to bring it in the reach of its pre school core audience 😂😂😂

  36. I miss Wyvern i loved this TCG😢❤️ and also Middelearth should still be alive!!! Awsome artwork, nice mechanics and good card quality 😢❤️

  37. My favs were Star Wars CCG and Wars CCG that was pretty much Star Wars rules after Decipher lost the SW license. Also Rage and Shadowfist were great games that I wish did better.

  38. Holy Crap! Even in passing I never would have expected Rudy to mention Star Trek CCG. Man do I miss that game, it was the gateway drug that got me into CCGs back in the 90s.

  39. Rudy ,why you never say about the DRAGON BALL SUPER card game ?Its big and the crush is hugeee now…..

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