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25 FUN Card Games You’ve Likely Not Played

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You need to try these fun card games you’ve likely not played! These are the absolute best card games for friends and families. If you’ve ever wondered how you were going to fill the time of that awkward family reunion or the friends night in, these amazing card games will have you entertained for hours. Whether you want some games with a simple deck of cards or if you want a list of amazing card games you should buy, then you have to check out this list of 25 Fun Card Games You’ve Likely Not Played!

Do you remember when card games were only Rumy, Bridge, and Go Fish? Well we are here to blow your mind with these 25 fun card games that will keep you entertained for hours! Have you ever heard of Ultimate Werewolf or 99? Ever made fireworks or delicious sushi to pull the clutch win in a card game? Well watch this list and you will learn all the card games that you could ever wish to know and officially be the best person to invite to a party! Make sure you leave us a comment letting us know which card game you like the best!

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From Unexploded Cow, a wonderful game that couples your beef and the thrill of unexploded bombs, to Yomi, the fighting card game, these games are the absolute best way to spend your Saturday night. Want a quick card game? Try Sushi Go or Coup. For your next party, try One Night Ultimate Werewolf for some deadly fun. Want a game that makes you think? Try Snip Snap Snorem, Devil’s Grip, or Impossible Machine and show your friends how smart you are. If you’re ready for some cool card games that will keep you thinking you have to check out this list! Make sure to watch this video of the 25 Card Games You’ve Likely Not Played all the way to the end to see which game makes our top 10!

Music Credit: Five Card Shuffle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under CC 4.0

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  1. You forgot about "Sheepshead". It's a famous card game in Wisconsin and Germany, but I don't think a lot of people outside of those two have heard of it. My family has passed down the game from generation to generation and it's my favorite.

  2. Poop! One hilarious game that few know of. Also called bag of poop and pass the poop

  3. I'm addicted to spades (obviously been locked up b4) lol

  4. I play sevens, jackass and suck the well

  5. Exploding Kittens is a great one that's lots of fun. Same with Epic Spell Wars. Highly recommend both.

  6. Unexploded Cow. What an a-bomb-in-a-bull concept!

  7. You forgot about the best part of Hanabi: you don't get to look at your own cards!

  8. I know Kevin MacLeod's music very well, and I recognized Five Card Shuffle as soon as the first chord played and thought it was very appropriate.

  9. You forgot Bullshit. Also, there's this card game I used to play as a teen. I think it was called Haunted, or something related to that word. It's been so many years, I've forgotten how to play it, and Google has no idea what the hell I'm talking about.

  10. What about more obscure games like munchkin and tanto cuore

  11. You mention Fluxx, but leave out their other game, Chrononauts.

  12. What you call crates we know as blackjack

  13. I'm originally from Togo, West Africa, boy I tell you the card games we have are way more fun than the US.

  14. Appeal who contest dark input previous anywhere.

  15. I love a game called Speed. It is a 2 player game that is fast paced and fun. To start, the dealer sets up 2 piles of 5 cards and deals the rest to the players. The players draw 4 cards from their stockpile and start by flipping a card from one of the piles in the center. Each player can play to either flipped card going up or down 1 card value with Ace being 1 and King being 13. If there is no play from either hand, another card is flipped to the center. The round ends when one player exhausts all cards, keeping 4 in hand at all times. The score is determined by the opponents remaining cards valued 1 for numbers and 10 for face cards. The game is a set of rounds or a final score to be reached. Either way, be ready for some wild plays.

  16. My favourite card game is Old Maid. It's a simple card game where players pass cards to each other and discard any pairs they get. Once all of the pairs have been matched and discarded, the player with the odd card out loses the game.

  17. The best card game I've played that you might not have heard of is "Love Letters". It is a great 2-4 player game with a deluxe set that allows up to 8 players. Hands are quick and fun. Planning goes into the few cards you get per hand.

  18. Friends and I used to play 99 all the time, for money. 25 cents a round would add up after a while. I remember having a huge bag of quarters that I had won and used to bankroll myself for games.

  19. Rook is my favorite that most people probably haven't heard of.

  20. My favorite one is The World Game. It's a geography game. Bunch of facts and challenges and also very family friendly.

  21. Blackjack, president, and smear. Look up smear. It is soooooo fun

  22. TheSoundCypher is my favorite card game!

  23. Hand and Foot should have been on this list somewhere. (variation of Canasta)

  24. Glad to see Oh Hell on the list, I was practically raised playing it. Version I know maxes out at 4 players since number of cards dealt starts at 1 goes up to 13 then back down to 1. It’s my favorite

  25. Suggestion; keep the name on the screen next to the number while you explain the game. Thx

  26. Idk but if tongits is available on america and its legal, i will go to america (US) and play in streets

  27. Everyone at my summer camp would play spit, slap jack, and I forget the other two during lunch fond memories of each

  28. Paiute was one of the first games outside of War, Go fish, & Old Maid I loved playing growing up.

  29. THE BEST GAME IS CRAZY 8S .Craits (sometimes spelled Crates or Creights) is a shedding card game for two to five players. and is derived from Crazy Eights, which forms the origin of its name. i loveeeeeeee CRAZY 8S

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