2nd Place Green Cooler Deck Profile - Texas Akon Regional - Dragon Ball Super Card Game - finalbosscardgame.com

2nd Place Green Cooler Deck Profile – Texas Akon Regional – Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Cross World TCG
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RD 1: Green Frieza Starter Deck
RD 2: Cooler Mirror
RD3: Cell Reboot
RD4: Crimson Goku
RD5: Finn (L)
RD6: Thing 1&2
RD7: Black Towa

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  1. Curious if this gave you any new ideas for your take on this deck?

  2. Great list. I need to try this leader out. This event was great. I was the guy who got first with Fin. I’m down to do a deck profile.

  3. Legit have the same deck just less whis and vados is side deck

  4. thanks for this where's the fin deck at lol.

  5. I been trying to get this deck down this is pretty much the build I tested with minus plus a few cards but I’m still working on it the same builds won’t work for everyone your play style is different

  6. So this last week my testing has been through the roof. His cell match has to be free. Super Broly and this wreck cell. They can’t craft a hand, and you force them to pitch vital cards.

  7. Doesn't this deck not draw when you combo a unison? I thought there was a ruling where you only draw when it drops off field

  8. 24 unisons in a deck is pretty absurd. I can’t see myself playing that many unisons in a deck. At most I’ll play is 8 but that’s about it lol

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