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3 More Overlooked Commander Cards You Should Be Running! EDH Overlooked #7

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Unleash the true potential of your Commander deck with these hidden gems that will completely change the game! Discover powerful instant spells, elusive creatures, and disruptive creatures that can turn the tides of battle in your favor. Watch this short video to explore the versatility of these underplayed cards and learn how they can revolutionize your Commander strategy. Dominate the battlefield, gain card advantage, and accelerate your mana like never before. Don’t miss out on these game-changing additions to your deck – it’s time to take your Commander experience to the next level!

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  1. Fun fact about Guff. It doesn't target, so you can choose a creature with shroud, hexproof, or Ward

  2. The floor of Price of Fame is 4 mana just to destroy a single creature and surveil 2 🤮. I cut it from Mirko.

  3. Haven’t seen holistic wisdom before! Nice card

  4. Price of fame goes straight into my Dimir Wizard commander deck I'm working on. It probably isn't a good deck, but I'm ecstatic to build my very first one and get to play it.

  5. “Pull from Eternity” extremely underated

  6. Don't know about underrated. In very niche decks these cards are fine which is probably why they have low play rates for instance gruff guarantees a non land permanent which makes it pretty mediocre removal. Where as chaos warp has the chance to be a 3 cost swords to plow and is usually only run in decks that don't have other color options. In prosper or rocco decks maybe.

    That first enchantment is straight up unplayable. Price of fame is fine. but just kind of meh not good, not bad.

  7. Rewrites isn’t good. It’s let your opponents cast anything. Now if it was on a permanent like chaos, then it would be much better. It’s was to risky. There’s much better options out there than that.

  8. Holistic Wisdom with Sentinel of Lost Lore and any adventure creature lets you recur Sentinel forever

  9. I run gruff and love it since it's a choose effect. It gets around hexproof and shrowd.

  10. Guff rewrites sounds like a good card for prosper. 🤔

  11. If you have Teferi, Time Raveler out, you then Guff Rewrites History into Guff Erases History.

  12. run price of fame in all my decks that have black in them and thats more then half of them lol

  13. I do appreciate the clarification of “decks that can run it”😅

  14. tortex isn't better than holistic wisdom?

  15. Holistic Wisdom is way too expensive IMO (5 mana and exile a card from hand…no thanks).Guff Rewrites History is way too much of a gamble for my tastes.

  16. Ok Gruff rewrites history isn't played often because it was exclusive to a commander deck that had mostly garbage cards in it for it's price.

  17. Wow I need to add holistic wisdom to my meren deck. Get rid of the less favourable reanimation spells for just a straight up reanimate is quite nice.

  18. The first one with Squee, goblin nabob, can be used as a creature regrowth every turn in gruul

  19. I dont know why Price of Fame isnt essentially an auto include in any B deck for EDH.

  20. I play Price if Fame in my Gale deck. It's excellent removal for the deck.

  21. Price of Fame comes in the Rogue "Sneak Attack" precon, didn't even know it existed until I bought it.

  22. There's sometimes a reason people don't play cards. Holisitc wisdom is awful

  23. I play a temur beans style deck that plays a lot of 5+ drops, and i'd love to have guff if only I didn't have to order it. Maybe one day i'll crack open my binder and find a trade at the lgs but that's the problem with commander precon cards.

  24. Mmm.. I don't think I'd really ever play the last one, there's already plenty of 2 mana creature removal in black, without conditions too – Infernal Grasp is the most consistent with just a 2 life cost.. Bitter Triumph let's you hit Planeswalkers too and gives you a choice of 3 life or discarding a card.

    Baleful Mastery is another good one, it can be a 2 cost exile at the cost of giving a card to an opponent – perfectly fine unless you're the one that's ahead, you can strike a deal with the card you give them too.

  25. holistic wisdom seems like a nice card to try in hakbal

  26. I run price of fame in a Toshiro Deck, works great, and even better now that every other creature is legendary

  27. Holistic Wisdom is trash lol, why would you give a card for such a small effect without the possibility of getting it back.

  28. I run Guff Rewrites in my Rocco, Street Chef deck and it's excellent — all you have to remove is a food token from your own board and then three potential threats from your opponents while netting four new food tokens and four +1/+1 counters all with the potential of hitting something beneficial for your board. So much value for four mana at instant speed!

  29. Bro imagine he’s just saying a bunch of cards he bought so he can boost up the price and sell them for 10 cents more

  30. holistic wisdom looks way over costed for what it does I can see why barely anyone runs it I can see it being good in very specific decks though. Other two cards aren't bad though.

  31. Hollistic seems like it'll be fun in my gitrog deck 🙂

  32. The first one is very interesting 😮

  33. Price of Fame is one I use a lot. When playing against a Cultist Simulator fan, I usually call it "The Perils of Renown"

  34. I wanna run Guff Rewrites History with one of the cards that counters spells cast for free like Boromir Warden of the Tower

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