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5 basic levels of card fans! #cardistry

Gavin Wong Magic
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5 different basic card fans all cardists should learn!

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  1. They were all smooth. That last one was Sick! How about showing how you close the regular thumb fan with one hand. I can do it somewhat, but I can't get it to completely close, I'm doing something wrong with my fingers.

  2. The red sea shell ones where did you get them

  3. I like the ‘thumb’ fan, which I see you do with your index finger like I do.

  4. wow! if you see this, know u are strong and loved! Jesus loves u no matter what ur past looks like. Jesus loves u and I do too. Have a great day :))

  5. Can u plz tell me the cards name plzz

  6. When I can’t do level 1 and 2 but learned 3 alone and learned 4 from shim

  7. They're all left-handed so you'll have to improvise

  8. Smear fan is easier than Pressure fan mah dude

  9. Dude,,,wtf… I just got this in my feed. Where are these from?

  10. I do the carnahan fan all the time its hard?

  11. Damn all these decks looks stunning, can you tell their name by any case?

  12. I can barely do a thumb fan but good at smear fan

  13. Ya gotta put switch pressure fan and big fan. Pressure moves are freakin hard

  14. i especially liked the lv1, 4 & 5 decks. very cool

  15. Level 6: ceiling fan
    tapes my cards to my ceiling fan

  16. Song name : Get Throwed – Bun B chopped and Screwed 💯💯💯

  17. What college did you use for the thumb fan?

  18. What card brand is that pleeeeaaaaase somebody telll me I’ve been looking for a good deck of cards for sooo long🙏😁

  19. bro said I suck at card fanning in 5 different ways

  20. People looking for shop button 😂

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