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5 Card Games You Can Play With Anyone

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Five fun card games that are so simple you could play them with anyone.
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1. Loot –
2. Everything On One Card –
3. Duck –
4. Truffle Shuffle –
5. LLAMA –
5a. LAMA Party –

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  1. I love these videos. They are so helpful when there are so many small card games on the market. And this is what gets my family and some friends to actually play games with me.

  2. Thanks as always for fabulous recommendations

  3. Thanks for featuring Truffle Shuffle! Glad you are having fun with it! 🙂

  4. My goto games for these occasions are 6 nimmt, no thanks, Spicy or – if the round can handle a little more – Stikeln (Sticheln). Lama is something I would not bring to the table if I do not want to torture myself for something…. 😉

  5. Great video. Thanks for the content.

  6. Alright…had to order/buy all of these card games! 😅😅 im looking forward for my persian edition of loot, looking like isnogod comic style 😍 and rethemed with kamels 😄 thanks for making me looking forward to play some ease games and get them addicted haha

  7. Definitely going to check out Everything on 1 Card, thanks! I'd also suggest Silver & Gold, Abandon All Artichokes and Dice Heist!

  8. This is really good. When going to visit my Mum the only game we can ever play is Timeline because she struggles with understanding rules. Defo a few options to try here.

  9. Love this channel, it’s the first place I go when looking for a new game. And with the new setup, there’s real drama as to whether that hourglass is going to get accidentally knocked off the table.

  10. This video was really helpful!

    I have a brother who would play any game with me. But my wife is a non gamer and is repelled by anything that seems complicated lol.

    I’ll definitely check these out.

  11. nice video 😀 Loot looks awesome

  12. Where can I buy this Alles op 1 kaart ???

  13. Card Game you can play with anyone??

  14. The sand timer right on the edge of the table makes me nervous

  15. I agree with others: love the new set, an improvement imo. This video format is my favorite: give me quick explanations/opinions on several games, and small-box card games are my preferred format too!

  16. Wow, awesome video!! Super informative as i have now learned 5 new board games in a matter of 10 minutes! Thank you so much! 🙂

  17. Hi Jon, everything on 1 card reminds me of silver and gold. Is it made by same publisher? My family loves llama time! We've enjoyed point salad and insider lately too. I'll check out these others when I'm not pnp'ing 😂

  18. im interested in "LOOT" it seems to be played on lunch break when covid is over

  19. Love the new angles and color contrasts! I love truffle shuffle, neat little game, also the art and colors and even the feel of the cards is so satisfying.

  20. Wow, all 5 of those looked absolutely great, and unique enough that I'm left wanting every single one. I really love your videos… your explanations always make sense and always win me over. Of these 5, I think Llama party and Truffle Shuffle looked like the most fun.

  21. These are great! I love how clear and organized this video is!

  22. Great background, and the addition of the chapters in the time bar makes it easy to go back and watch a specific segment, so thank you. "Truffle Shuffle" says that it's for 14+, but BoardGameGeek calls it a family game. Any reason an 11-year-old couldn't play it?

  23. Hi Jon, I have really been enjoying your videos. This has some great choices and a few I would really like, seems like they are not easily gotten in the USA. I would say that I have a lot of success with 5211, and lately am really enjoying Merchants Of Dunhuang.

  24. Duck is Gin Rummy? Ducking out is knocking.

  25. Once again, ActualLol shining the light on some interesting games that you don’t see on other channels. Fine work sir!

  26. I would also recommend:
    Dungeon Mayhem
    Monopoly Deal
    Fluxx 5.0 (or another variation, like Star Fluxx)

  27. Jon, I've been binging on your videos and I really love your focus on the fact that it's board game geeks often only have non-geeks to play with but everyone wants to have fun anyway. Thank you!

  28. Everything on 1 card makes me think of “Super Mega Lucky box” check it out

  29. Great video! LAMA looks perfect for my family.

  30. Jon, there is one game that you're missing on your channel that I think could have made it to this list — Monopoly Deal! Not the classic Monopoly, but the card version of the game. I've made so many friends with this game. Just randomly playing with people in hostels, airports, pubs, etc. I think you'd love it! 😀

  31. Great video! More card game explanations please!

  32. Love LLAMA! I like having simple card games in my colelction to play with my parents and in-laws. Def going to keep an eye out for Loot.

  33. I like Red7. Simple but requires a lots of brain cells. Short n die fast. Ppl I played with got confused about the rules but they all loved it

  34. @Actualol – I can't seem to decide whether to get Duck or Llama to play with my wife and daughter. Both seem to be fantastic at what they do. What would you recommend? I don't want to get both because they are quite similar…

  35. You know what my problem is with you? You make a video where you tell me to not buy all the games, but you introduce those games in such a way that I want them all, even though they will probably be unplayed for the most part.

  36. Which dice tray are you using? I like how it has low side walls

  37. This is great!! Sometimes with certain people you just need something extremely simple to replace UNO or Rummikub or Yahtzee but without adding any complexity which is very gard to find, and which you don't know because gamers don't mention them. Great job!

  38. Truffle shuffle….totally distracted and thinking of the goonies film now 🤣

  39. Literally just bought some small games. I did research by trawling through bgg, my flgs and websites. Yet, three of these games I've never even heard of! Great stuff 👌

  40. the who plays last Pirate/admiral rule in Loot game is retarded, this game has a lot of negative comments in BGG. Its a bit of a broken game. Knizia had a brain fart when he did it. I wish i could tell him: quality, not quantity.

  41. Duck is just a variant of 500 Rum

    Edit: then you go and point that out a few seconds later lol

  42. Lama is great! But Lama Dice has, more or less, replaced Lama Cards for me.

  43. One of my late mother's favorite card games was Pit. She really got excited. The name refers to a tiny stepped arena at commodities exchanges where members call out proposed trades. Pit is an unusual type of rummy game, in which multiple players announce proposals to trade hidden cards with each other, until one player assembles all nine of his cards into a single type of commodity, e.g. corn. He then rings the bell and yells out, "Corner on Corn" or whatever.

  44. Great picks! I added all in 1 card to my wishlist. Also similar to Rummy is an older game called five crowns. Very ugly to look at, but very fun and easy to play!

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