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5 Crowns Card Game Playthrough – Smoggy Games

Smoggy Games
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We’ve had a busy ol’ summer but we’re back! This week we’re playing an oldie but a goody. This was actually the 2nd or 3rd game Tyne played in her first foray into table top gaming with Anth. We played with a bunch of Anths friends with a really old beaten up copy and it was great fun. As was this game! We got the giggles throughout and it was very funny to play. We wholesomely reccomend this one for a party game with a nice competitive edge 😁

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  1. I know how to play the game now! Thanks guys.

  2. YouTube is drunk again.

    1 comment 0 views..???

  3. YT CC: "So you start with free cards"


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