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5 Fun Single Player Card Games | Card Games With One Deck

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Card games are a great way to entertain yourself and your friends. But when you only have one deck of cards, what will you do?
The good news is that there are plenty of card games that can be played with just one deck. In this video we will share five different single-deck card games for you and your friends to play!

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1. Accordion
2. Devil’s Grip
3. Pyramid
4. Monte Carlo Solitaire
5. Bowling Solitaire

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  1. Accordion accordion accordion accordion accordion accordion accordion accordion accordion accordion accordion accordion

  2. This is one of the most badly produced videos I've ever seen

  3. This is ridiculous I can barely understand you then you have the loudest music possible

  4. Possibly the worst video ever created. Completely useless with the background music so dang loud!

  5. Dude this was a bad way of showing how to play

  6. This is so helpful❤❤❤ I now can enjoy golf!!!!

  7. This video was extremely hard to understand, and what's with the goofy ah music??

  8. Except for explaining the game everything else is perfect. Which in turn makes this video useless.

  9. How about you do the video again, and actually play the game for visual!!! I didn't undrestand a single thing you said

  10. too hard to consentrate and dotn get it at all

  11. "card games you can play with one deck"Devil's grip"Grab 2 decks…"

  12. Who else didn't understand a single one of them? 😐😂

  13. That's not how you make an instruction video. What's wrong with you.

  14. do not turn the captions on from the beginning 💀

  15. This video was too easy to follow thank goodness for the music

  16. It says five games using ONE deck and the second game requires two.Music is obnoxious loud and distracting Instructions are hard to follow along with

  17. This channel will have alot of subs in the future i can tell

  18. No hate to this channel but:

    Title: Card Games with 1 Deck

    Devils Grip: Imma pretend I didn't hear that

  19. To be honest, the explanation is frustratingly hard to follow in this video and the background music too distracting

  20. Too much transition just make a simple and easy to understand video please

  21. It would’ve been more helpful if you had shown actual footage of the games instead of random video clips.

  22. Very difficult to follow, I knew the first 3 but the last 2 were new to me.

  23. You made it to hard to understand cuz the background music was so loud I couldn’t here your voice and the card games that it was showing was not the one you were talking about I have learned nothing from this but I hope you learned something Reading this.

  24. the background music dude that's so distracting

  25. What's this voice and background music about ffs. So hard to follow

  26. Solitaire is always a single player game lol What is this video talking about "hard to imagine.." ?lol

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