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8 Games That PREDICTED The Future & Got it Right

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8 Video Games That Predicted the Future

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Time and time again video games have predicted things both minor and major that have come true. We all know that 2020 has been quite the ride but did you know there are a couple games out there that somehow warned us about 2020? We just weren’t paying close enough attention. From an illuminati card game that released in 1995, to Homefront, and so many more video games that have predicted the future very accurately. Today we are going to be reviewing these future predicting video games that are almost on The Simpsons level of predictions.

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  1. And there is also a trucker strike card

  2. card name……………….Time Period it was fulfilled / came to pass
    Terrorist Nuke – September 11, 2001
    Pentagon – September 11, 2001
    Charismatic Leader – US president from 2017 to 2021
    Epidemic – December 2019
    Martial Law – December 2019
    (CoViD-19 Outbreak and Lock-down in Wuhan, China)
    Hawaii – March of 2019 or 2020
    (North Korea shot at Hawaii with Missile but it was shot down
    World War III was narrowly avoided)
    Revolution – Spring and Summer of 2020
    Upheaval ! – Spring and Summer of 2020
    (From George Floyd Killing to Kenosha Riots)
    Revolution – January 6, 2021
    March on Washington – January 6, 2021
    Enough is Enough – January 7, 2021
    CFL / AIO – ongoing in February 2022

  3. Bird flu just started in Indiana look it up

  4. These are not coincidence, but planned.

  5. Amigo what is going on right now iwth Russia you mentioned it

  6. These aren't predictions, they are subliminal messages given to us in plain sight by the rulers of this world.

  7. That Illuminati card game had a nuke as the last card after the pandemic… now Russia just took 3 nuclear plants from Ukraine. My God….

  8. They didn’t predict it. They telling you what they going to do. It’s not a prediction if your apart of it. Smh

  9. You should do something on the call of duty games

  10. Cod black ops 2 predicted the American drone being intercepted and home front predicting the date of diabetic Kimmie's dad.
    There's a few more out there just basically told us in order what has and will still happen.

  11. Just Wana know if there anybody in any country fighting against this stuff.

  12. Deus Ex: The Conspiracy delves deep into the entire illuminati conspiracy and history. Fascinating. The twin towers were "accidently" left off the NYC skyline, according to artist notes at the time, then realized they weren't there after release.
    This was the FPS Game of the Year in 2000. I still enjoy playing it if I can find the time…and a pc that will run it.

  13. Laugh while you can. There is no such thing as coincidence.

  14. Infamous the news station and a pandemic in new york

  15. -My 4skin was taken in a sick jęwish sęx rītual- says:

    It’s planned. This is all a theater that they run.

  16. the division 1 told us about Dark Win.$#@…..ter, watch the 2013 trailer. type our presidents name dark win//////////ter in the search bar(without the "/" obviously) , he even says we are going into one in the 2020 debates. now its happening.

    also in MGS2 the ending, predicts all the censorship and fake news thats going on today.

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  18. For Smash TV, the prediction might have linked to the ratings dominance of then-called WWF's Raw Is War as part of the Monday Night Wars in 1999, not Reality TV.

    Check closely – Violent, bloody combat matches in front of a audience in a arena, people fighting each other with weapons, the show dominating in the ratings, and the year was 1999.

  19. THE ILLUMINATI plan things out hundreds of years before actually orchestrating their plans. The Illuminati believe if they warn you through entertainment, that it makes them less evil because they tried to warn you…

  20. Time travelers come back once in a while and alert us of.things

  21. :23 "Sylvia Browne "predicted" what the elite wanted people to believe was a extremely harmful virus, when actually it was a flu bug augmented by 5G technology. A small amount of honest research will reveal it.

  22. Lol the perspective in this video is such 2 years ago loll crazy how things change

  23. They didn’t predict the future. They were informed of the future.

  24. The Real World’s first season did air in 1992.

  25. 8:12 Illum!nat!SUS almost every card predicted everything even more SUS.

  26. It’s predictive programming because it’s pre planned…I don’t get how people don’t see it

  27. It's called predictive programming they tell you years before they execute

  28. 4:46 … #'s 9 and 10 on the right side of the smash TV score chart

  29. It’s not so much these game designers are prescient, it’s that our “elites” are both Moronic and Corrupt.

  30. Your substitute for the P word is hilarious

  31. Are we in massive video game.And.they using.Fear ionly.believe in God and have FAiTH Jesus Christ only way out of this Evil agenda.Because with Christ no weapons formed against you.🙏💯❤️

  32. Thought for sure Taito/Natsume's "THE NINJA WARRIORS" would be on here.

  33. Why do you keep saying 1995 as the release date for that Illuminati Game, I saw this game at a mates house, in Australia in 1988.

  34. I've done a few videos covering games that have predicted 9/11 but none that have predicted 2020. Isn't it CRAZY that some games and people predicted COVID-19 YEARS ago?! Who wants to see more universal gaming videos like this covering interesting topics? Please leave a thumbs up if so.

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