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9 Holes, A Card Game

Paul Hehn
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A quick lesson on how to play the card game 9 Holes.


  1. You are not really playing nine holes….you need 9 cards for that. The game has morphed.

  2. Great game! Great video—very clear and easy to follow.

  3. Thank you for clear explanation and example of a great card game–very appreciated!

  4. that is there way of playing it

    but it is an new way for me

  5. her friend looks like a waztel pretzel stick lookin ass

  6. I know this game under he name of "Golf". And with Jokers value of -2 (not -5). Nice and fun game, good video 🙂

  7. So If you have two jokers vertically are they zero then? Or are they -10?

  8. I remember learning how to play this with my elderly neighbor when I was about 10. I can still smell them parliament ciggerettes and coffee. 🤣

  9. I love your explanation of the value of the cards (exactly like my old group). I just wish that you could have stressed that this could be played with a much larger group. We always played with 8 to 9 players. This is a perfect game for people who like to chat and socialize while playing cards.
    Also, you didn't mention that getting any four corners should result in negative 20 points.

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