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A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition Tutorial

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The world of Westeros is wracked with war, intrigue, and strife. The Great Houses muster armies and meet in titanic battles, while their assassins and spies struggle in the shadows. Westeros is unforgiving of mistakes, and in the end, only one game truly matters: the game of thrones!

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Game Set-Up 00:57
The Plot Phase 02:48
The Draw Phase 04:32
The Marshaling Phase 04:48
The Challenges Phase Player One 07:14
The Challenges Phase Player Two 11:11
The Dominance Phase 13:28
The Standing Phase 14:25
The Taxation Phase 14:55

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  1. Would be really cool if one could buy this.

  2. This is a question for people who play the game as I want to start playing this myself.

    Which faction(House) would you say is the most broken(over-powered)?

  3. Really the Nights watch get a faction but the Tullys and Aryns are just fucked?

  4. Does each Major House come with it's own deck?

  5. Who needs Tv if you can have an internet subscription? I recomend You to try ScreenVariety.

  6. is there a deck size limit or minimum of any kind?

  7. Why doesnt Sansa Stark enter play knelt in this video as the card reads? Does this text not count if shes played as part of set up?

  8. I wish they would make a playmat like the virtual one in the video.

  9. This was much easier to understand than the directions that came with the game, ha ha, many thanks!

  10. All I can hear is "This is a Story about a man, named Stanley."

  11. A very fun game, just wish it didn't seem like such an eternity between expansions and chapter packs

  12. Is this version is easier to understand and play than the first edition?

  13. perfect explanation! well done. lovee the game

  14. Why does the Stark has the Plot "A Feast for Crows" while the Lannister has "A Noble Cause". The game manual says otherwise. Was this simply an error? +Fantasy Flight Games

  15. Very good tutorial. However, I notice new players have problems understanding two things. One is that you can attack and defend with multiple characters (it is mentioned, but every example is a 1v1). Two is what happens if Str. of the attacker and defender are equal (the attacker wins).

  16. Do u get a power token for any unopposed challenge? or is it only for unopposed power challenges?

  17. "Winterfell steward"? Hahahaha. His name is Vayon Poole. Vayon. Fucking. Poole. :]

  18. Where could I buy this 2nd edition?

  19. If FFG's serious about pushing this game, they should film a couple of actors from the show to play it. Like a table top or spell slinger episode.

  20. sup dudes, in the game you can attack with multiple characters and defend with multiple characters?… please help

  21. Fantasy Flight Games seems to forget that the Tullys and Arryns are great houses to.

  22. The first time we played, both players ran out of their deck but one player clearly had more power tokens than the other. So who wins? Or no one wins?

  23. Bought this. Me and the gf keep trying to play it.. alittle more we get closer to but my god we get so fucking confused haha

  24. Question : The newer version has Brandon at 1 cost and reaction: save Bran from dying and return to hand … Now does that mean none of your characters can ever die if kill only 1 a turn and Bran is replayed every turn? that is OP af

  25. is this the core edition good for 4 players or is it missing cards and i have to buy more?

  26. Are there expansion packs to expand the deck for the second edition?

  27. What happens to the previously played cards? Do they stay in the game, get discarded, return to your draw deck, etc???

  28. I'm curious, wouldn't it make more sense to keep the cards in your hand, instead of laying them on the table for your opponent to see your strengths and weaknesses??? So to speak, the only ones you put down are the ones you are using in a challenge. Just my thoughts…

  29. i feel this is kinda a bad tutorial. why would player 1 choose to defend the challenge with sansa if it is lost and he has to discard 2 cards anyways? no words on that

  30. Nice game but i cant play it… is for her/she.

  31. i got a question, what if my opponent has like 4 characters and none of them have let us say a power icon, am i able to initiate a power challenge ?? hopefully someone answer me!!

  32. PennywiseTheEuphoniumPlayingClown XO says:

    damn. i love game of thrones. i just finished watching season 1-8 yesterday. took me about a month and a few weeks. but anyways this game seems more complex than Yu-Gi-Oh! haha

  33. If Rob Stark is killed in this scenario, what happens to the power token on his card?

  34. This is my first time seeing this played, and I'm wondering, why would you ever defend with a card when its value is lower than the attacker? Wouldn't it be better to just not challenge the attack?

  35. But… Sansa didn't enter the game knelt…?

  36. If a character that we have in play was killed by Millitary claim win effect and card goes to dead pile, when it come to our hand from deck same character card we can’t play it, is there an option to move it to Dead Pile freely ?! Which are the rules of playing 3-4 players ?!

  37. I’m a little late, but I just bought this game and it’s on its way xD. I’m excited!

  38. Question: if you win a military challenge under the conditions of an unopposed challenge, and the opponents characters are all in the knelt position, does the defending character still have to choose a character to kill from the knelt cards?

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