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A Look At Every Pokémon Trading Card Game Exclusive Card (Game Boy Color)

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The Pokémon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Color was a great translation of adapting the physical cards to video game format. But not every card made it and they even created a fair amount of new cards for it. Let’s look at all of them.

Intro, Background, Pallet Town Remix by Joshua C. Griffin.

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  1. Building a deck around Marowak's Wail sounds like a fun time.

  2. that volcano is mt fuji and the green and white line is a shinkansen (aka bullet train)

  3. Neither Electrode or Ditto has abilities that are hard to program on a conceptual level, but if you make a game engine that is held together by metaphorical duct tape you can end up in situations where even adding simple things can be prone to really bizarre bugs and unpredictable behavior because they don't fit neatly within the limitations of the engine you already programmed, in turn requiring you to rewrite too much code to be worth the hassle. That's what I would guess to be the reason for them omitting those cards.

  4. I can’t be the only one who's looked (unsuccessfully) for someone making English reproductions of the Japanese-exclusive cards featured in this game to collect in a highly specific sort of collection that will never exist, right? …Right? Just me?

  5. I love when digital versions of card games do things that you can't easily do in physical games. That was one thing that Hearthstone was really good at.

  6. Can't wait for the game to come out on switch online. It better have online multiplayer

  7. I'm happy you've done a video on this topic! 😀

  8. Wasn't that Venusaur available in the guide for the game or something along those lines? I think I recall seeing the guide as a kid and wanting it for the card. Either I didn't have the money for it or the card had been taken from it, I can't remember which, because I'm almost certain I didn't actually acquire said card. XD

    Interesting video!

  9. I’m still a firm believer that a promo card only run would be really interesting. Awesome!

  10. Honestly this was a fun video. Maybe if you are interested, you could try some challenge runs with these? Such as maybe a GB Eevee/lution only deck without any specific Energy cost. Or maybe just mod a game to give you some of that GB Mew and see how weird and/or fun it could be.

  11. id love to see a "random target attack" only run. or maybe a "coin-flip or no damage attack" run. The aggravating part about these ideas would be that the best cards for the respective challenges are the three legendary birds lol.

  12. You now have to use the Mew card in a run.

  13. The reason why the eeveelutions are so ”weak” is Because them only using colorless energies makes it so Any deck can run them for free type coverage.

  14. My man with entertaining vids as always! Loved to see those cards that I had back in the day in the game.

  15. I say this while A: I haven't checked through all cards so I don't know of discrepancies, and B: I know nothing about programming, but I have a guess about the Electrode and Ditto that were cut.
    It's possible that the game can't(or couldn't during development) produce permanent extra Energy cards to reasonably translate Electrode's Power due to altering the Deck/Card Count and maybe messing up that data.
    As for Ditto, it might be much easier to have it copy your own Pokémon from the data of your Deck as opposed to an opponent's Pokémon, which could likely not be in your Deck at all(linking to Electrode potentially getting Energy that isn't in your Deck either). More likely though it had to have been the Energy workaround effect requiring rewriting a card's data to have it use Colorless Energy on that specific copy, or something similar.

  16. Not sure if it was a joke or not, but on the off chance it wasn't (or for anyone who missed it), the random line in the surfing Pikachu card isn't actually random, but a stylized Shinkansen, a high speed Japanese bullet train. How it's shooting out of a volcano is beyond me though haha.

    Great video as always! 🙂

  17. "Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value." -Albert Einstein

  18. Can't wait to revisit this game when it gets re-released on the Switch this year

  19. I loved Zapdos. I played a 4 Zapdos only deck in GBA where I basically won by only having one Zapdos in play and knocking out a Pokémon each turn with Big Thunder.

  20. "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." -Mark Twain

  21. currently playing through the 2nd game. I love your vids

  22. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say the problem they were having with physical Ditto wasn't copying another pokemon card, but rather treating all energy cards as whatever energy is needed for it. That's probably why it went from copying the opponents pokemon to copying one of your own, since otherwise you would rarely have the correct energy to use its attacks.

    It's interesting to see what kind of effects don't translate well between the game and real life. Like, I can't even imagine how someone would perform Ninetails's random energy distribution effect easily in real life.

  23. The Zapdos is my favorite exclusive. I have a video showing Zapdos FTK. It's only fun if you like playing Solitaire. I would love to see you do a video over the exclusives in the sequel.

  24. The "green and white line" in the promo pikachu is a bullet train

  25. Hell yeah, man. I 100% agree with you on Steve's Zapdos. I can't tell you how many times I wiped to him as a kid. Before I learned to play MtG in college, this was the most frustrating experience I'd ever had with a card game. But that never stopped me from wanting to just wreak the same havoc upon those hapless NPCs.

  26. i used to play the trading card game online all the time. not the official site. an unofficial one called TCG ONE, that let players play with all the retro gen 1 and 2 cards. and for the longest time, the admin never implemented the Fossil Ditto, talked about in this video, for much the same reasons. However, it eventually got added to the site, after all the bugs and kinks were worked out. Other cards that took for ever to implement were, Chaos gym and Eco gym.

  27. The levels they slap on the cards always blow my mind 😂

  28. you mentioned mods, ive never seen a mod to this game except the one that lets you play as a female character from the second game

  29. That "Green and white line" in the promo pikachu is a train

  30. Legendary Zapdos can be used to build one of the most busted decks in the game by using it as your only Basic pokemon and loading your deck with Scoop Up to repeat its effects. You can pretty easily tear through the postgame with it.

  31. It sounds like the common factor in the cards that were left out is needing to handle energy as wildcards. For electrode, it's not just "add two energy to a Pokemon," because you need to be able to handle the case of things like energy removal sending it to the discard pile, but also it, as a single card, counts as two energy of any type. Between needing to handle a pokemon card being treated as an energy card and that energy needing to count as any type, I can imagine it would have required a lot of special handling for one Pokemon. In the case of Ditto, there's the matter of needing to be able to use the opposing Pokemon's moves using any type of energy. This would have required some kind of special case handler for "if this card is ditto, allow any energy for it's attacks," or it would have required essentially creating a ditto version of every other Pokemon card with it's attacks replaced with colorless energy, which would have been quite a tall order. The version in this game notably doesn't bypass energy requirements, and from a design perspective that's fine since you're copying one of your own cards, so one can assume you deckbuilt with the proper energies for everything in your deck.

  32. No wonder he didn't have friends to play with, dude plays Armageddon in mtg. Nobody likes playing with sociopaths smh

  33. I subbed from the title of this video alone. Pokemons videos this niche are to be treasured.

  34. I really like to be on German fleamarkets, and usually every one of the ones I've been to had at least one person selling this game, so legit card pop, while unlikely, shouldn't be impossible

  35. is this just for the first TCG game? if so will you make a similar video for TCG2? I'm always curious about that game since it never came to the West

  36. I love game exclusive Cards for TCG Games, like I really like how there's all these Anime Only cards that were in the Yugioh Tag Force Game, the entire Turbo Duels from the 5ds World Championship games, especially Duel Links which gives you exclusive cards in an actual Competitive Format (although I think only really Kiteroid did anything)

  37. Will you ever cover the light and dark cards from early on? I bought a couple packs back in the day but dont know much about them and when they came out

  38. You do know that the green-and-white line is the bullet train right

  39. That Zapdos I think leads to the most overpowered deck, not just for speedrunning, but for consistent wins. A deck of a single Zapdos + all the good trainer cards basically can't lose. The only thing that can stop it is a Mr. Mime, as your 70 damage attack can never hurt it since anything that does more than 20 is reduced to 0. The only way around it is to include a single fossil and a single Kabuto evolution, since this will still guarantee the Zapdos in your opening hand and can be found reliably with all the bills, oaks, item finders, and computer searches, and both does under 20 damage and can still use electric energy for its scratch. I remember using it as a kid forever when I was trying to get a full playset of everything in the game. It's just so unbelievably consistent compared to anything else, since you're guaranteed to live for several turns with zapdos's high life no matter what, and the chance of not drawing defenders, potions, energy removal, bills, oaks, or computer searches is basically 0.

  40. Oh! I actually cross stitched that Jolteon! I didn't realize it was FROM the TCG Gameboy game, I thought it was translated artwork.

  41. So… you are that kid no one played magic with. Not because your deck is too strong, but because you made games take 2 hours every single time. Lovely

  42. Ditto is rough. Its power means if you gust your opponent, it changes immediately. It's the only pokemon in base set (maybe even the whole game) that can be knocked out by retreating or being gusted, as its hp goes back to 50 while it's not your active pokemon. The difference with gb ditto is that it never changes back. Not impossible to program, but you have to account for way more use cases for the inclusion of one card. Electrode was probably the same, in that it probably would take multiple ui assets and special considerations just to implement it. Probably not impossible, but they clearly more resources than most would have to be spent than they deemed worth it for two cards.

  43. Do a challenge with only phantom mew. Embrace the rng

  44. I really hate it how useless they made that phantom Mew. So, first of all, just like with Vaporeon it's different in-game: it requires a psychic + colorless energy to attack. And the sad thing is that the attack's randomization is extremely limited: it either does nothing, or it does 10 damage + maybe 1 effect, the effects being statuses, healing 10, and dealing an additional 10 damage (and maybe I forgot some other effect(s)). In other words, Mew can never deal 30+ damage, and can only deal 20 damage without anything else. It'd be fine for 1 energy, but needing 2 energy for an attack of that caliber makes it unusable.

  45. I just had an idea: pokemon tcg, but you are a hitman hired to exact vengeance for past losses. Every time you play against a club, pick a deck from one of the clubs weak to the one you are playing against, and win with that deck. You can use any member's deck from that club.

    Bonus points if you win with the club leader's deck. Extra bonus points if you win with the objectively worst deck in the avenging club.

    Variant challenge if you don't want to use the prebuilt decks: build a custom deck using only the cards used by avenging members (this includes limiting yourself to the numbers of cards those club members have; so if they only have two gusts of wind in total, you can only use two). At least half your pokemon have to be weak to the club you are challenging.

    I think this challenge would be an interesting one because you'll always be at a mechanical disadvantage, between the type matchups and the less than competitive deck recipes, but it also means you'll have lots of variety in each fight, and can deploy numerous strategies to show off a lot more of the card game than we've seen with single deck challenges.

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