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A New Player Evaluates 15 Arkham Horror: The Card Game Cards

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Everyone asked for it, so I brought Eric in to give their evaluations on 15-player cards from Arkham Horror: The Card Game. We hope you enjoyed this fun video and find it helpful for yourself as a new player, just like Eric!

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  1. loving this series with Eric so much! What I particularly appreciated in this video is the fact that Justin is really good at explaining quite complex cards to a new player in a succinct, yet easy to understand way!

  2. Justin is such a kind host here. But this still felt kinda mean!! X

  3. Really fun format. Props to Eric for putting himself out there. If you want to do another, what do you think about doing a card lineup? Show 3-4 similar, then compare/contrast.

  4. What I appreciate is how quickly Eric both learned from the explanations given and was able to Parlay his skills in other card games to this one. I look forward to seeing him in action when you play a campaign with him, I suspect he's going to be a heck of a player.

  5. Well, Eric is better at evaluating cards than I was when I first started playing 😛

  6. When are we getting progression playthrough of you guys? It would be really nice to see Eric and you take on NotZ soon 😀

  7. Eric is the best active listener/ silent commenter I've ever seen. He's a mood!

  8. I think that if old key ring is borderline busted, poor old burglary gets the "playable" treatment. Because it does have homes, you can do the little trick in Rex Murphy you can use it in big money deck like Trish, it ain't that bad. It's 2 actions for 3 money but it's also 3 action for 6 moneys or 4 actions for 9 money spending only 1 card (guess you have to test 3 times but when is the last time a seeker failed an investigation test?) . It ain't that bad

  9. great video, nice to see more people into Arkham. Btw, the art on "shortcut" I believe is Rex Murphy, it's featured in his story in the Investigators of Arkham book

  10. Great video, guys! Some good jokes and good discussion.

  11. This was such a fun and interesting idea! Eric did great, excited for the next one, also helps me learn even if I knew most of the answers

  12. So far, this is great! I feel like you are almost trolling Eric. They are a good sport.

  13. Great idea for a video, keep them coming! These things get me through my nightshifts!

  14. There needs to be an Eric playlist. They are friggin great! I can't wait for more of these.

  15. Loved Eric before, but now that I know that they're also former monoblack-Johnny, all I want to see after this 2-player campaign is a 4 player run with Eric as lead investigator, should be a blast!

  16. Loving this new player series!
    Keep it up!

  17. That is indeed the wrong terminology: that symbol is called head, not brain. Obviously.

  18. I love Eric when they play other games and am super excited to see their take on Arkham.

  19. Quick learning curve!

    A card that teleports someone to your location could totally work. Mystic probably?

  20. Relentless isn't just bad, it's an actual trap. Putting it in your deck encourages you to play poorly.

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