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a risky card game: we’re not really strangers

Hailey Sani
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We’re Not Really Strangers: The Game | Level 1
More deep, honest, and vulnerable than ever before. Do you wanna play safe or to grow?
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It blows my mind that you guys have given me so many opportunities and a means to support myself, yet we still remain strangers. This series is a mixture of questions I’ve been avoiding, your assumptions about me, truth or dare, and so much more. Let’s break barriers. This is me stripped, with no filter. Because we really are all the same inside.

1:42 What does my Instagram tell you about me?
4:15 Make an assumption about me.
5:47 What about me intrigues you?
8:11 What do you think I’m most likely to splurge on?
9:15 As a child, what do you think I wanted to be?
10:24 Finish the sentence: just by looking at you I’d think …
11:07 Do you think I was popular in school? Explain.
12:45 How many speeding tickets do you think I’ve gotten in my life?
13:21 Do I seem like someone who would get a name tattooed on myself? Why or why not?

Hope you guys know me a little bit more now. If you like this level I might shoot the next levels with actual strangers follow me online. Let me know in the comments.

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  1. love this, hailey is so genuine, hard to find youtubers like that

  2. Girl I need to know your highlighter 😍😍

  3. Hailey is the queen of interactive games on YouTube, I loveeeee when she involves us directly in her videos

  4. You always look so on point and pretty!! Could you please make a skin routine video?? ❤️❤️

  5. Does anyone know where her sweater is from??🥺


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  8. Makyajını ve videodaki ruh haline bayıldım 😍❤️💗

  9. What camera lens do you use by the way ? Really good

  10. Why do u make me cry like if you remind me of someone like this is creepy but I love you

  11. This give me the biggest Sagittarius vibes

  12. I’m new to her channel is she rlly this loud in person ?

  13. Turks are not ugly at all as strangers assume. I’m also Turkish Watch some videos about turkisch actresses

  14. This game would definitely make me grow into a better person

  15. It was discussed on Red Table Talk by Jada Pinkett Smith. Great game

  16. HOW MUCH DID IT COST!!! all in all plus tax and shipping??

  17. I want to buy this game but after shipping comes out to almost 40$, does anyone know a discount code??

  18. Hm, didn’t know sensitivity meant you’re not secure with yourself

  19. is there an age rating for the game? wanna know before i buy it 🙂

  20. Idk who you are because I randomly stumbled in this video but youre SO PRETTY 💖 just gotta say

  21. Would anyone recommend this on a first date ? Help

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