ace king is just a skill issue 🤷🏼 #poker #shorts -

ace king is just a skill issue 🤷🏼 #poker #shorts

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#shorts #poker #wolfgangpoker

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  1. Wait isnt the ace king a blackjack? What kind of game u playin and why the dealer kept playing after the bust?

  2. Bet $275 because is 5 times $55 (cinco de mayo)?

  3. How to win with 2,7 offsuit? Flop three 7s…. You can do this with every starting hand.

  4. Until now I realize that when you say 5 de mayo is actually because of the bet and not the date filmed. Ever since your actual may 5th video I have been thinking that and been like wow this guy had good games on one day lol

  5. All you can eat 😂that’s the best! Dope clip 💯

  6. Imagine how much worse the in person cringe would be when hearing, "Cinco de Mayo."

  7. I literally lost my stack w A/K last night in the same position. I shoved on the turn w two pair and villain called and rivered the flush.

  8. your flop bet made no sense… and then the turn… it's like you forgot you didn't c-bet the flop.

  9. Imma be at Agua Caliente next month… hoping for some run good

  10. If someone has J and 10 you would of lost all your money

  11. One time I got 3 kings and I won’t 200 dollars and I said something something kkk for the win I noticed and just left I still don’t play 😭

  12. With my luck my opponent just hit the straight after chasing for it from the flop

  13. Im surprised no tilting opponents have told the dealer to tell u "English only while in a hand" to get u to stop saying Cinco de Mayo during a hand lol

  14. Thanks for the Tips! I’ll try that out 😊

  15. Oops hit the flop . Bang sticker incoming…

  16. Oh I see. I need to practice getting dealt better cards and THEN practice flopping two pair.

  17. You know you're saying "May 5th" right? It's pretty annoying.

  18. Question:How do you leave the table with a lot of chips?

  19. Last time I flopped 2 pair, I got a jack on the turn (and there was also a jack on the flop). Cost me the hand

  20. This guy backs up the opinion that there are still bad players playing the 2 card game yet when I go anywhere and try to play even 1/3 no one bluffs hardly and I literally have to set over set to win money

  21. Had AQ first hand in a bounty builder and a short stack had gone all in so I should have gone all in but someone called with 75 or something like that, long story short he flopped the straight turn an A and the rest is predictable

  22. You’re giving tutorial on how to play AK after flopping AK… well done buds, your a player to be reckoned with

  23. why is all your table talk, gimmick are always super fkn cringe?

  24. betting 55 on flop was smooth… i might gone higher but he made the right play to keep them in.

  25. I was hoping to see pocket nines. AK is easy when you’re playing with losers.

  26. The most overrated hand in poker because it's still nothing

  27. I love when it comes AK9 with AK. Cause the other guy usually has 99

  28. Also play with fish. What hands calls that shove? Terrible players.

  29. The good old cinco de mayo joke. So hilarious

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