Adults should let kids enjoy card games too #pokemon #yugioh -

Adults should let kids enjoy card games too #pokemon #yugioh

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  1. Adults need they own card game made for adults by adults 18+ only

  2. Between OTK engines, recursion, facing the same decks over and over, obtuse rulings, etc., I barely enjoy playing the game. I have no idea how a kid would.

  3. I have a friend who was tasked to tutor beginner duelist on a eventHe runick stunned them and we are like dude wtf

  4. Bro that was one of the best experiences for me growing up always having a shitty pack of pokemon until I was able to buy my own packs then I got addicted to it tbh playing card games as a kid can almost lead to addictive tendencies for when your able to finally get your own pack but that might of just been the way I was raised but fckkk magic

  5. I saw a story of an adult destroying some kid without giving them a chance to learn. Poor kid never came back.

  6. Yeah, adults are literally gatekeeping the people who made card games for Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh popular today-Children. Not saying adults can't enjoy the games, but let the future adults have the experience we did. Let em have fun or give them the ability to.

  7. This was a great point and this whole podcast episode was great. Looking forward to more.

  8. i agree with you. we need to let kids experience the game. not only yugioh, but magic, pokemon, digimon, etc.

  9. To be fair schoolyard yugioh doesn’t exist because schools don’t allow them to even be brought onto school grounds. I work for a university and a student I knew and went to high school with is a psychology major in his last year and needed help with some assignment where he was doing something with behavior in K-8 students. We went around to I think 14 or so schools across the state that agreed to work with him and we found they all had the same thing trading cards, toys and similar stuff were not allowed on school grounds, the student could only use equipment provided by the school and that included equipment like soccer balls and basketballs (Which were usually in awful condition)

    Worse than that every school but one had implemented “structured recess” for the K-5 students and breaks were also structured for grades 6-8. You couldn’t just go out and play basketball or soccer or whatever game you made up or brought. You had to sign up for what you would be doing during that recess or break and that activity was supervised at all times by a teacher or teacher’s assistant. My friends only reaction was “These kids are so screwed socially. They will never have had the social interaction that isn’t supervised, skills dealing with conflict will be diminished. It’s going to be a nightmare when they are older.”

  10. I think this has always been true (with the exception of when the game first came out and didn’t have a banlist)
    As kids we just didn’t know the rules, but I remember going to locals and getting stomped by adults all the time lol (I had the guest yugi starter deck for reference)

  11. I really miss that fun, schoolyard Yu-Gi-Oh, I'd love to play like that again!

  12. Unfortunately that's never gonna happen. I haven't seen a kid at my locals since 2017. The reality is they missed out on the glory days. The children that played the game back in the 2000's are grown up now and are too invested to quit. Not to mention the meta has taken over local shops. Kids have no chance now.

  13. idk if the states did it but in my country there are tournaments that only allows players under the age of 12/15/18 to enter, kinda like how PTCG has junior/senior/masters divisions

  14. It hurts knowing alot of kids never had that playground Yu-Gi-Oh duels.

  15. TRUTH! I played Pokémon, when it first came out I think we are the same age. 84-89 birth. Eventually it became no longer a game but a collectors items for adults to sell trade and now ruled over to the point I stopped going to little card store tournaments because it became like. I was being told what to do what to buy how to play it.

  16. Sorry comment 2 because this is just to real
    I had a charazard because they convinced me that I had to have the card for my birthday AND I PLAYED WATER AND GHOST DECKS WHY THE HELL DID MY POPS SPEND 80 on a card I didn’t use

  17. That's true. We want kids to experience the game without the pressure that the adults put on them. I recently became 18 and I have played 2 locals and a big event here in Greece topping (top8), but when I play vs a kid, a casual or a newcomer I actually give a lot of my time to explain them the plays and even suggest them a better move that they do , so as to learn the best way to enjoy their deck. After the official best of 3 if I have time I play with them fun duels until the time ends and we enjoy chatting. It was the best moments that I had on these events

  18. We need different leagues of games.
    Konami need to understand that new players CANNOT be in the same tournament as experienced players.

  19. Even now, school yard yugioh is the most fun I’ve ever had playing yugioh and not by a small margin. I’m sick of seeing comments by people saying “oh well the game has always been fast paced and there’s always been a meta”. I don’t care. Nothing beats the feeling of picking your favorite cards and making a deck out of them then dueling a friend just for the fun of it. I want this to come back.

  20. I’m gonna disagree a little. I’ve been playing yugioh since it started and I have dueled a lot of kids in the past ten years. Now, I agree a lot of the duelist who are older are aggressive towards younger kids who play yugioh but I’m currently 33 myself and I have never been aggressive or mean towards a kid in my entire dueling career. As long as a major rule, like a entire deck made out of forbidden cards without a single legal card is being used, I honestly dont mind what the young generation is playing with. I just enjoy watching and helping kids learn this amazing card game. I’ve even given away extra cards sometimes to help little kids with their strategy in yugioh

  21. Playing yugioh since I was five and magic the gathering since I was sixteen I agree with this

  22. why doesnt Konami have a junior division

  23. Thats why iam happy i just let kids be kids i showed my nephew the basics and then the ban list because he wanted to play like i do for equivalent game play now he loves it sure his 19 but he always wanted to play and iam the only that nows this game inside out in my family

  24. Playground rules dont work anymore because nearly every kid has access to the internet in some way.

    Even a 10 year old can google, "good cards" and make a better deck then anyone who doesnt on the playground.

  25. I started to play in high school with my friends for a while and we had fun it was just us and that was the Meta I had a gravekeeper deck and another has blue eyes and dark magician.

  26. For reals though. One time there was only 1 pack left and I was in front of the line and the kid behind me wanted it, so instead I bought Nintendo Switch card.

  27. I play school yard Yu-Gi-Oh/pokemon with my nephew right now and he loves it, yeah he deck is all monsters that he thinks look cool, and we summon whatever like a card game of war and he has so much more fun then older kids i see at the shop.

  28. I agree with that but I think that's gaming in general and so kids cant just play games and have fun and learn what works for them and makes it fun for them.

  29. As long as people are willing to pay expensive prices for cards, the game is ruined. Not only card games, video games are ruined as instead of cheat codes, you pay and get the cheat or enhancements

  30. I agree as a minor (I’m not going to say child cause I’m turning 15 next week) that plays yugioh I often can’t play because my local card shop runs yugioh until 10pm which is not really suitable for a minor to be out in and it’s even more unreasonable when It’s also an area known for its crimes at night

  31. i think alot of card games especially yu gi oh have gotten to a point where if you are young kid or even teen tosatcit's impossible to play modern yu gi oh because everything is just so expensive and if u aren't someone who has a steady income tcg is really hard to afford and keep up with

  32. Do kids even have recess anymore? I feel like schools just keep taking more and more from students year after year, so I don't even know if they do recess anymore

  33. 100%. These games can be a really big part of kids playing with other kids. We as adults need to be willing to give them the opportunity to enjoy themselves too.

  34. Konami needs to do better at being more begginer friendly more help with game basics

  35. Ironically I first played Yu-Gi_Oh in school with a few friends. One of our friends went to the tournaments and ruined the fun for us by schooling us on tournament rules, and then beat us in like 30 seconds. It took the fun out of the game. I think we all ended up playing a different card game by the end of my junior year.

    I think ironically our senior year his deck box ended up getting stolen. I don't know if he still does tournaments and stuff.

  36. Because people have forgotten human interaction and have to win 100% of the time with the most meta cards.

  37. I'll tell you as an adult with 5 kids……these kids dgaf about card games. Gotten my kids decks, introduce them, and only one is really feeling it like that. These kids have wayyyyy more options then we did as kids and will 9/10 times pick the tablet or fortnite on the switch over playing a card game

  38. I think this is a massive reason why people need to play more than just what's the meta. A kid should get the experience that we grew up with of finding whatever looks cool to you and using it. There are sooooo many archetypes out there – guaranteed a kid's gonna find something they like. However, if a sweaty ass adult barrels over them with Kashtira or whatever, and then 20 other adults do the same after that, it'll be miserable for the kid. TL;DR: have a casual non-meta deck to use (mine is Fortune Lady, for example), and try to go easy on new players.

  39. We adults have gone a bit far with our shiny cardboard

  40. If kids don't play the game, then the game dies with us

  41. And then some of those same adults are shocked when the kid actually learns the rules and gets good to use their knowledge to beat them. They get so mad. Like chill, it's just a game at the end of the day. Have fun and be happy that at least a new or even young duelest has potential.

  42. Not gonna lie the only reason I buy every card in my city is because I see the condition these kids leave them and treat them especially after telling them the value of them. The problem is that your trying to compare kids nowadays to us when were young when were totally different generations. Our generation knew the value of having stuff while kids nowadays would rather do tiktok.

  43. My local store tends to do a beginners tournament every two weeks and the outcome I saw is a very healthy one with even adults being wholesome and being not too rule sharky with kids which excites them to do rogue in and out afterwards

  44. There’s a kid that comes to my locals, he never wins lol but we all try and do our best to atleast allow him a solid experience. For example we all give him cards we don’t need or want. We allow him to take things back if he misplayed or doesn’t understand what he’s doing we even give him “bro turns” lol but yeah we should be nice to the kids we were once them lol

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