ameritrash vs euro games -

ameritrash vs euro games

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  1. Yes!!! Like, why does Spacebase have a complete background story for 1000+ spaceships that don't exist??? WHY??? WHO CARES???

  2. controversial as it may be, I thought "Jamestown: the Racist Parts that Nobody Asked For" was a rather interesting addition to the game. They really shook up the meta of the base game by adding slaves as a resource that not only count for Victory Points, but can also be used for the unrelated little minigames. Thankfully they balanced it a bit by making it so that if you used the slaves too much for the mingames, they'd just die, and you'd lose them permanently

  3. Highly inaccurate, a eurogame would never descend so low as to have a mechanic inspired by history.

  4. oh hey its the guy that has wrecked the industry he forced himself into. cool! thanks for being woke!

  5. Damn, I never knew Warhammer 40k was Ameritrash.

  6. I feel like the first bit summed up Warhammer…but that was made in the UK…uh…so where's that put it? Ameri-euro-trash?

  7. What's the real name of the ameritrash game?

  8. It has taken me multiple times of watching this to realize… I think ProZD actually says "After 19 real-time owls have passed" and that is such an incredibly subtle joke I love it so much.

  9. My bf told me this is how he imagines me playing boardgames. I love zee games okay?!

  10. Stefan Feld laughs in the face of "dice are just markers" school of eurogame

  11. I think Eurogames just love their victory points

  12. Umm was that a shot at Brass? If so I'm going to file a legislation to file a legislation to propose a change to the font of the current legislation advising you to revise your opinion on the matter which doesn't take effect until the Railroad era and you need a direct supply chain connection to a source of coal to push the legislation to the senate floor for initial consideration and SO HELP YOU GOD if you don't have a proper iron production infrastructure in place by that point

  13. This may be exaggerating but it is also incredibly accurate.

  14. This is about that stupid bird game isn’t it

  15. Its a pretty good game, but Jonestown is far more historicly accurate

  16. Of course you do not roll ze die. Ve vould not vant to encourage gambling now vould ve?

  17. I lost track of everything when I saw the bird clock; my grandmother had the same one…

  18. Isn't warhammer, the most popular wargame out there, based in the UK?

  19. ProZD Why was your first game shown just Warhammer 40k?

  20. I think it says a lot about Euro games that I thought Jamestown was a real game with its rules exaggerated by ProZD for the sake of comedy.

  21. I've never been so directly attacked before, and I love it

  22. The racist part that nobody asked for is my favourite expansion ngl

  23. A new board game is coming out. It's name's EVE: War for new eden and your goal is collect 10… Victory Points!

  24. I love hoe the eurogame is just catan but without dice

  25. In short;
    Ameritrash; ALL THE DICE!!!! (explosion)
    Euro games; "No dice are required for this comment."

  26. there will be no dice required to enjoy this video

  27. can we appreciate the fact that chris pratt is playing mario in the mario movie?

  28. Holy shit "Suzerainty" is an actual game??

  29. No dice included in euro games as the ameritrash threw them all in the harbor

  30. I would like to inform everyone that this video was shown in my game design class by my teacher

  31. yeah im working on a new game its called Hilbert's Hotel 52 (pickup)

  32. You will not need dice for Lost in Random.

  33. Fucking hell just invite me for the next Strip Cards Against Humanity

  34. I'm living in the German town Uwe Rosenberg lives as well, I and find the placements of the reccourses very fitting 😀

  35. (This isn't a shitpost I promise) I recently got my copy of the Slay the Spire board game. It is a deckbuilding card game based on a video game that heavily features random elements, and the designers simplified that entire system down to a single d6 rolled at the start of each turn. Everything down to the enemy behaviour, card effects, item effects, event outcomes, etc. are all determined by one dice role per turn. Its actually incredibly well designed, and almost seems like it was deliberately in response to this video lmao

  36. This is so true for american/eurotrash strategy video games.

    America: welcome to CIVILIZATION! Build an army out of nothing, use any historic leader against any historic leader, and TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

    Eurotrash: Velcome to “Victoria”, where you must use your resources to be a slightly stronger economic power. No war is required for this phase, unless it’s against African tribes.

  37. Lesson: all board games are bad. Only play Cow Cards

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