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And Action – How to play | Indian Card Game /Chai & Games

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Ronak Explains how to play a new Movie themed set-collection card game “And Action” by Mithmonster Games.

Game Name: And Action
Players: 2-6
Time: 45-60 mins
Age: 8+
Designer: Akanksha and Mohit Patel
Artist: Amit Ghadge
Publisher: Mithmonster Games
Facebook & Instagram: @MithMonsterGames
Twitter: @MithmonsterG

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  1. I wish there was a way to buy this from Pakistan

  2. Please make how to play of and action game in Hindi I can’t understand what do you explain but I like the game cards

  3. i want to get it because i like card games but i dont have that much of them

  4. I want this game because I just kinda this game and also I want to play it with my siblings and cousins…. (I know I won't win!)

  5. Hi ronak,Amit here.I would like to have a copy of this game, so I can't bring with me at "chai & games" to play. 😂

  6. I don't have a Twitter account and hence won't be able to follow there. Rest of the conditions are taken care of by me to be able to participate in the giveaway.

    So why do I deserve this giveaway?

    Coz this game is abt movies and I am a board game addict as well as a cinephile. I have atleast a thousand games if not more and I have watched movies in 41 languages (atleast 10 movies per language). Since 2006 I have an IMDB account and since 2007 I have rated every single movie I watched. As of now I have rated 5119 movies(this will again change by tomorrow). So that means in the last 14 years I have watched 5000 movies (365.64 movies per year or 1 movie per day)…

  7. Sir because I have no board games and have only one game because I am bored with that game

  8. Sir i want this game because i want to become film producer and it will help me to understand how producers work for their movies

  9. Please make a video on best solo board games.

  10. Sir ji aapko ek video banana chahiye filmy card game ke upar ..bahot hi chal rha hai Market me ..
    I'm from MY GAME'S MUMBAI ..

  11. I deserve this game because a have great interest in movies.And as well as in producership.

  12. Hi Ronak, I would like to participate in this give awayHere are my reasons as to why I deserve this game1. I have completed all giveaway rule requirements. I have liked this video and I am your subscriber and regular viewer. Plus I am following chaiandgames and MithMonstergames at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram2. I conduct coaching classes for professional level students of CA and CS courses. Students are of age groups 18 to 20 yrs. These students have huge study pressure and as stress Buster I have started recommending board games to students. And I am happy to share that results are positive. So if you could give this game to me I can definitely introduce it to further larger audience3. In my family, we are 8 ppl comprising 3 passionate teenagers who not just love board games but love to introduce them to rest of the world. So here as well we can definitely introduce this game to many teenagers from our locality4. Board games is my passion and I love to introduce it to whomsoever come to my contact. I am trying to persuade my office as well to make arrangements for board games for employees as well. So I feel I deserve this game. So please consider giving this game to me.

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