Animator vs. Animation - The Card Game!! -

Animator vs. Animation – The Card Game!!

Alan Becker
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  1. I watch all your vids but ive never seen this

  2. Say I thought there was an animation coming this summer but I dont know what happened

  3. Me: Sees a floppy disk 💾 in 2020
    Also me: Ō👄Ō

  4. I hate like beggars

    like if you agree 👁👄👁

    Susan Wojcicki ruined paragraph spacing


  5. Me gusta mucho tus vídeos pero no me gusta que a vles en inglés

  6. Now listen, what if there was a video game where you choose the stick figure characters and you fight one on one or something. Like street fighter or Dragon Ball FighterZ.

  7. Y love alan baker xD sorry im of mexico sorry for mi english is not the mega mega best

  8. si el juego fuera digital lo pirateo al toque

  9. 🙁 never finished this idea it would have been good

  10. Too bad all the kickstarter backers just got scammed, Insanity Games filed for bankruptcy

  11. Cảm vì dịch tiếng việt 😊😊😊

  12. Sir I need ur help will u help me pls
    I need some money 💰
    Not much more only
    30 k dollar will u give me
    Pls Sir help me Sir

  13. Awesome!!!
    add purple to the game, please. purple was in the animation about the villagers from Minecraft.
    Also, please make a Russian version, Because I don't know English very well.

  14. Can you Plz Help me I ordered the game but it never came

  15. who is victim? new animation????? i didn't see he ever!!! 🙁

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