Anna Kendrick - Talks Shyness, Card Games & Dogs - 3/3 Appearances In Chronological Order [HD] -

Anna Kendrick – Talks Shyness, Card Games & Dogs – 3/3 Appearances In Chronological Order [HD]

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Anna Kendrick is a very fun loving person, Craig is fund of her.

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  1. 13:38 potatoes float in salt water and sink in fresh. A sack of potatoes have saved many an Irishman during a shipwreck.

  2. Creepy Craig managed not to scare away many lovely ladies. Good for him and us!

  3. I'd just like to point out that Pi is not just a number.

  4. To think of all the heads Cacti 🌵🌵🌵flew over, but hey that’s not the Cactus’s 🌵fault!

  5. Damn I never notices but Anna is kinda stacked

  6. You are not an idiot Anna, It's just 'Learn by doing' haha!

  7. I don't always like what she wears but she is very sexy to me

  8. I love her she is a complete package of adorable

  9. Net worth $20 Million. And she has a lovely Apartment.

  10. You just know it she has a hell of a game

  11. 7:56Ahead of his time with a Joe Biden impersonation there…😆 🤣

  12. Anna Kendrick has the most sexist cutest adorable smile. She's very sexy

  13. I think this lady was in mister nice guy or the right guy great movie

  14. Anna is so talented, acting, singing dancing and so tiny

  15. That's the most honest Craig Ferguson I've ever seen.

  16. Anna is quite the person we wish Hollywood would be. Anna, I was three, when told not to touch a hot iron. Unfortunately, I had to find my own truth of the matter. And it was not in the long misinformed petroleum cures.

  17. When interviews go wrong because any of them connect… but they have a job to do.

  18. Imagine doing this show with this level and intensity for a decade in your forties, fifties. It’s very stimulating for years, I can imagine, but having to rehash all those tricks and tactics, temptations transform into routine, boring for a creative soul like Craig. After all, being committed to one woman, how long do you have the lust and age to flirt like that, with mostly young, hot actresses ? You can’t take ‘em home with you, either, your wife watches lol. I think I would get bored by endless verbal foreplay, burnt out. Not to mention having to remember their names & stories from previous episodes, having to avoid rehashing your own old anecdotes, too. Forgetting, man… It’s a feat that he lasted as long as he did, what a creative man.

  19. This is fantastic. It seems like a British show but it was in America.

  20. She acted the hell out of the awkward pause, like she was reviving some acting school class 🙂

  21. Awe…. Anna Kendrick.
    One time in my life I honestly thought I was in love with the woman I married a few decades ago but then I see a video like this of the REAL love of my life!

  22. Omg @ 12:30 “Well you must play that if you don’t you’re in al-Qaeda.” I freaking lost it holy crap that was funny. And Anna’s face when he said that? Good God she is so damn adorable. Love Anna. And Craig. And Geoff..Miss this show so so much. Nothing today even comes close.

  23. “I keep this in case Tom Cruise is around.” Lol

  24. Anna is a gorgeous “idiot”. But personally, I could not agree with her saying that she is. Simply beautiful in every way.

  25. "…it's like you guys don't grow up, you need to pee on everything…" Yeah she delivered the line well (that's her freaking job! ) but please give the REAL credit to the writers!…

  26. Creepy old man, "can I stroke your hair?" Sure Joe Biden!

  27. The game 'Snap' exists in the U.S.- only here, we call it 'WAR!!!' because of course.

  28. What a great example of the terrible interview…

  29. I just love Anna. And to have her on my favourite talk show. Perfect.

  30. 3:00 The irony being he was replaced by a massive 🐈…and a cast member of CATS.

  31. She's a scrumptious little thing, adorable! 😉

  32. The beautiful thing about craig's interviews was that they were always a sort of imrpov routine where he and his guest were meant to riff off of each other. Some are better at it than others. Evangeline Lilly and Kristen Bell are great examples of fetching actresses doing it well. Anna was a bit too nervous in the beginning which made it a little awkward, but she got better each time and that's what counts. If you really want to trip out, watch someone like Ricky Gervais. Or, if you want to see the peak of the art form watch Robin Williams' appearances. Craig gives a herculean effort to try and keep up with that man.

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