Are All These New Trading Card Games Doomed To Fail? -

Are All These New Trading Card Games Doomed To Fail?

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Justin analyzes whether or not the new boom in the trading card game is sustainable. From Disney’s Lorcana to the One Piece TCG there’s a lot of nuance in the future of the industry.

Alpha Investments talks about dead Card games:





  1. Kinda sad about wizards mismanaging both DnD and Magic. They are both such great games. I think magic is actually in a really good place. The limited formats have been good, standard despite not being in stores feels really good to me, pioneer and modern feel pretty stable. The game is great and if they don’t treat them as money printing machines because of hasbro or whatever I think they’d actually be in a better place.

  2. Yes especially with the TCG hype of 2020 finally dying down

  3. D-spirits will do well because of its quality

  4. great content. I've been interested in trading card games for a long time. I'm playing Cometh Battle nowadays, a space-themed crypto trading card game. I find its gameplay, art and mechanics great. also they've integrated into Ledger Live now, the very first web3 game doing that. strongly suggested.

  5. Vanquishers TCG is this years underdog TCG. It has the most potential to be the next Flesh and Blood

  6. Wixoss is pronounced why-cross, not wick sauce

  7. I actually believe that Shadowverse is a great addition to the western TCG market, especially given its success in Japan. I actually quite like the gameplay, and might be a draw for disgruntled Magic players with the direction Magic seems to be going recently because of WOTC.Cygames is handling planning and development, whereas Bushiroad will be in charge of manufacturing, sales, and operations, so there is room to be concerned. I’m more confident in Cygames handling this release, and I have full confidence they won’t let Bushiroad screw up the transition, since Cygames has handled their games extremely well. I understand the concern of Bushiroad’s involvement, but personally speaking, I can’t wait to have this game in English.

  8. Great video! I love indie tcgs and following their journey but unfortunately many will be gone in the next couple years.

    Just like Kanye– I miss the old Metazoo.

  9. As much as I don't want to support Bandai, I think most of their releases will be fine, as long as they advertise them correctly and balance them well (salt moment). They really can handle cardgames right if they do give them a proper chance and support, and im sure they probably have one that would be a hit if they brought it back from the grave, especially with alt arts, but thats just me. Bushiroad handling shadowverse is…interesting and could lead down a few paths, but I hope it does go well.

  10. I wish we get a mobile digimon card game, Id like to try playing but I can settle for collecting the cards because the art is top tier imo

  11. If ANYONE OUT THERE has not tried Digimon TCG yet I implore you to give it a shot. Non meta decks are 40 bucks if you buy single, meta decks around 100. Yes, you can spend more and get alternate art cards etc etc but I've got FOUR DIFFERENT DECKS and they can all easily win locals and top regionals. You don't even have to copy paste, you can add your own flare and tech. I urge you all to try it. I own 4 complete decks for the same price as my one Yu-Gi-Oh deck, it's so cheap, give it a shot!

  12. Irl card games is fun but it’s just not worth investing because Yugioh, Magic, and Pokémon overtake everything. Plus at this point virtual card games are just way more lucrative in this day and age basically. Also, god I wish the one piece TCG wasn’t so pricy

  13. always knew MTG was a big ol piece of shite…..sure yugioh card prices can be pretty high too but yugioh product from official retailers never breaks the bank….like sure singles are pricey but that's usually from other people selling them

  14. I'm really glad I'm not the only one who sees through Metazoo. I live in a big city and not one of our game stores hosts events. Product just sits and rots on the shelves.

  15. Bandai seems to be tricky because they can lose DBS because they still have The arcade Super Dragonball heroes game which I’m sure makes them more money and has a tie in that can go forever

  16. One Piece isnt just borrowing mechanics from bandai games, its borrowing from a bunch of card games, especially since bandai usually isnt the first to make certain mechanics. Also I dont know how you didnt mention that the One Piece tcg is absolutely popping off rn, boxes are going for double msrp and starter decks are going for quadruple, and the next 2 sets are basically already sold out.

  17. I think your being a bit unfair to metazoo. Your comparing metazoo to all these established brands and multi billion dollar companies that have the money and power to make their games a success. Metazoos turnover was only $50 million last year, which is really a drop in a the water… ye the gameplay is not as advanced as magic or yugioh they don't have hundreds of people working on the mechanics, when yugioh came out it was a good game but still very basic.

  18. Wooooahhhhhhhh Battle Spirits is coming back to NA?? I hope it goes well!

  19. Wooooahhhhhhhh Battle Spirits is coming back to NA?? I hope it goes well!

  20. You didn't even mention how Battle Spirits Saga is being marketed badly? I think the opposite, with it being marketed very similar to what FAB did

  21. Why would I ever play anything except Yu-Gi-Oh! or MTG? Following the meta of these games and all their intricasies is time–consuming enough as is. 😂😂

  22. Flesh and Blood has been by far the best TCG I've played in decades.

  23. If Disney can push this at the Park and it’s Resorts I think it’ll take off.

  24. Thank you for the summary. I'm trying to get into TCG in 2023/24 but the choices are overwhelming

  25. Digimon, MetaZoo, One Piece, Battle Spirits Saga, and Disney Lorcana all released within 2021 – 2023. I've been cutting back on video game spending to keep up collecting all these games plus Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! too of course as always.

  26. Great video! Have you heard of the upcoming SorceryTCG with 100% hand painted traditional art by some of the most iconic Magic the Gathering artists?

  27. I’m glad someone said this about MetaZoo. The only sales are held up by people trying to flip the cards for profit.

  28. What are your thoughts on Elestrals? It was on the graphic but never mentioned. Just curious since my son backed the kickstarter for the 5 starter decks.

  29. I want to believe in BattleSpirits.
    It is the best game I ever played (In my personal opinion of course), and Saga is bringing it back to a level of power way more comfortable than it is in the OG japanese version. And the mechanics it introduces since the beginning are exactly the ones that make BattleSpirits such a great game.
    It'll probably have a rough start because of how it messed up it's advertisement on release, but then I believe it'll rapidly grow from the people that played it bringing other peple in by talking about how good of a game it is.
    (And if things get rough for the gmae at some point, it can release one of it's famous Godzilla, Kamen Raider, or Gundam Collab Sets and they'll sell like warm bread XD)

  30. I loved Force of Will. I still have my one deck and single page of cards from my trade binder. You really can't find a lot of these TCGs in North Georgia unless you go to Alpharetta. I have to order Cardfight Vanguard singles and Sealed Decks online.

  31. Be cool to see some coverage of sorcery the contested realm.

  32. Metazoo doesn't flip as hard as it did. I do agree the gameplay needs to grow but I think the fan base is there.

  33. The TCGs Im enjoying rn are the fftcg and optcg, dbs just failed in the long run hopefully digi and OP stay forever

  34. We already hit one recession with covid if we get another one my god tcgs will become unplayable for the common man

  35. I’m waiting for the one piece reprint … i want to go all in on the one piece TCG but at retail price lol 😂

  36. Unfortunately, if I’m all in on one game, I really only try out these other games, no matter how good they are. From 2002-2012 I was a yugioh and magic player. I heavily got into the dbz card game and everything else I just bought starter decks with my friends and played a few matches. Inuyasha and yuyu hakusho were two games that I actually entered some tournaments for. But really, throughout all that, yugioh and magic is where my money and time went

  37. I like how you judged the gameplay of Lorcana, without knowing how the gameplay of Lorcana works. Because the way the game is played hasn’t been revealed yet. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  38. @3:54 So.. Did they start progressing along the anti-consumer path? Did they start progressing along the anti-consumer path?

  39. I'm trying out Battle Spirits right now and it ain't bad coming from a DBS & One Piece player. I also hope also that Battle Spirits doesn't harshly fail.

  40. Guess the trend came back due the fail of its counterpart….the NFTs….well card games are more viable but is still a luck based mission and if your crap is low quality then no one will be interesed sooner than later.

  41. All new trading card games are mostly trash not fun to play. That's why I decided to make my own card game it's going to be amazing and very balanced. Super fun gameplay and very competitive working on the cards and development is going steady. Card designs are pretty awesome too. Will publish first version on Tabletopia probably by October this year or faster.

  42. While the overall video is great, doing conclusions wo proper data or analysis is too premature and speculative. Btw, behind Lorcana is a different team that is not connected to Villainous. Ryan Miller, the lead Lorcana designer, was working on MTG and designed Digimon which you praised. So, do proper research before saying something good or bad 🙂

  43. I am surprised you put Elestrals in the Major Release list, but not the biggest backed Kickstarter- Sorcery

  44. Of course they're doomed to fail.

  45. I loved digital shadowverse early on. I hope the physical version picks up traction.

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