Are You FOOLISH To Play These Cards!? Yu-Gi-Oh! #shorts -

Are You FOOLISH To Play These Cards!? Yu-Gi-Oh! #shorts

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  1. I always combo this to dandy-Lion. Then use that to synchro or tribute into

  2. Well foolish revival could still be useful for stuff like Kaijus, right?

  3. Now I will waiting the konami make some support for make a foolish deck with these cards 🤣

  4. Watch some one is going to make use of Foolish Revival one day and honestly I can see use of it in specific decks now the only issue is that it is a trap card so it is a turn 3 card if the duel last 3 turns if you go 1st .

  5. Meanwhile Branded Despia players be like 😂😂

  6. You can send light or Dark Monster to summon a Black Luster Soldier

  7. I mean, Kaiba literally used Foolish Burial in the anime alongside Monster Reborn to cheese a Blue-Eyes on the field so, the utility was made clear since the beginning.

  8. Foolish revival has some utility you can use it on cards that need to use an effect i grave or lock them into something on field

  9. Summon their own gimmick Puppet to their field

  10. Foolish revival is interesting tech if u play exosister. I mean, yeah there's some better choice, but hei, it wont be so "foolish" To play it in exosister

  11. Draw standby main, end main, enter battle.

    Foolish Revival target Ash blossom.

    …….End Bp main 2…….

  12. Jow about Peaceful burial, which can be really interesting in decks like Labrynth🤔

  13. I can imagine foolish revival would be good to get some monsters like iblee, a monster that summons itself to the opponents field, or for getting cards out of the graveyard to prevent their effects.

  14. Foolish Burial send Agidoooo, Agido mill Kelbek, mill some Tiaraments, game.

  15. Sixth sense comes out

    Me as a noob player: Why would anyone use this???

  16. Yeah. I'm ngl. When I was way younger I thought this card was SO ASS. 😂

  17. Wow. You figured out graveyard effects. That's so cool.

  18. But it's a good spell card since it can send any monster who has a floating effect.

  19. Ill never forget the day i was born and they printed "Monster reborn"

  20. Idk. If foolish revival was a spell it might actually have use. The only reason it's trash is because I it's a trap

  21. imagine foolish revival a branded player using gemmik pupbet

  22. Tele dad and foolish burial for d hero malicious gives me flashbacks🤣

  23. Outside of Cybers, what are some other plays you guys would make if Extra-Foolish Burial came out earlier?
    Send BEUD to gy, use Dragon's Mirror with it for Master of Dragon Soldier, is the firsy i ccan think of.

  24. Omg what if I foolish revival a card so I can use sphere form if they only have 2 on the field

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