Arkham Horror: The Card Game - How To Play -

Arkham Horror: The Card Game – How To Play

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In this video, we’re going to learn how to play Arkham Horror: The Card Game! If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the YouTube comments below, ensuring you abide by our Code of Conduct: .

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00:00 – Introduction
01:05 – Setup
08:33 – Overview
09:00 – Round Sequence
09:23 – Investigation Phase
09:45 – Actions
10:09 – Action: Drawing a Card
10:29 – Action: Gaining a Resource
10:46 – Action: Playing a Card:
11:16 – Event
12:17 – Asset
13:10 – Asset Slot
14:24 – Action: Activate
15:24 – Action: Investigate
16:29 – Skill Test
17:03 – Boosting a Skill
18:36 – Free Trigger
19:15 – Skill Modifiers
20:47 – Reaction Trigger
21:25 – Using a Clue / Act deck
22:58 – Action: Move
24:21 – Taking a Horror / Damage
25:04 – Elimination
25:40 – Action: Evade
26:58 – Lead Investigator
27:42 – Grim Rule
28:03 – Enemy Engagement
28:35 – Attack of Opportunity
29:33 – Evading
30:29 – Action: Fighting
31:23 – Victory keyword
31:33 – Friendly Fire
31:48 – More Damage
32:20 – Action: Engaging
32:57 – Ending a Turn
33:04 – Cooperation / Sharing information
33:57 – Enemy Phase / Hunter
34:35 – Enemy Attack
35:21 – Upkeep Phase
36:08 – Reshuffling a Discard Pile
36:21 – End of a Round
36:33 – Mythos Phase
36:57 – Advancing an Agenda
37:35 – Encounter Deck
38:25 – Weakness
39:15 – Scenario End
42:07 – Deckbuilding

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  1. NOTE: You can investigate at a location, even if there are no clue tokens there (which may help you trigger some other card effects).Also, assigning and applying damage/horror is a two step process. This allows you to assign both damage AND horror to an asset (let's say, for example the Beat Cop at 24:47) before it is discarded.

  2. Thanks, just what I needed to start getting into the game!

  3. The best tutorial video ever made! Great job, so clear !

  4. Do you know if expansion characters can be used in the base game on a replay?

  5. Thank You for this! You have become my go to reference for learning new games, so clear, so easy to follow!

  6. Lord of the Rings or Arhkam Horror LCG? What do you think Rodney?

  7. Today I learned you can reshuffle your discard into your deck if you run out of cards… I had just been perpetually taking 1 horror until I was eliminated

  8. Fantastic job as always. Question, if you Evade an Enemy and than move, is it correct that the Enemy would not follow you to the new location unless it had Hunter?

  9. This was a phenomenal tutorial. I've played the game before, but I'm planning on teaching it to some friends who have never played and this was super helpful to help me organize my thoughts around teaching it

  10. You mentioned that if you move while engaged, the enemy comes with you. Can you voluntarily move and have them follow you or does this rule only apply if a game affect moves an investigator to a new location.
    Basically I wasn’t to know if I can freely move around, or would I have to evade them first?

  11. I just love the way you explain the things. Is there high strategic atmosphere in this game besides the in depth theme.

  12. How many takes for that handy flip at the beginning? 😉

  13. I played my first campaign recently and I'm hooked on the game! This video was incredibly well done with lots of thorough details, proper focusing and depth of field, a consistently clear tone of voice, and even smooth transitions. Great job!

  14. Do you think we should wait to buy expansions like Circle Undone until they release the new style campaign/Investigator Expansion boxes? I've tried to find when they will release those by had no luck

  15. Thanks so much for this. So clear! Any plans to do marvel champions?

  16. This was a perfect refresher. Thank you!

  17. I have watched this twice (once before starting, and once after starting) and now feel very confidant in playing! This has been such a huge help, your videos are the best around. Thank you so much!

  18. I bought this game several months ago and have yet to play it. After watching the amazing Rodney Smith at work here, I might give it a go soon. 😀

  19. Thank you mate, really helped me out with this one. I have The Gathering all set up on my dining room table and now i'm ready to go!

  20. Thank you so much dude you explained the events and triggers and actions so perfectly!

  21. I am greatly relieved finding your video after going through others' channels videos of arkham horror. I have been struggling to understand a few rules. However, you explained it the best way. Thank you so much. Your explanations of games really stand out.

  22. It made me laugh that a friend of mine thought Arkham Horror was a Batman board game

  23. If you trigger the machete card, and fight with it, does it count as two actions (including the fight as an additional one) or is it part of the trigger ability of the card;

  24. I sigh a breath of relief every time I see that Rodney has made a video about a game I’m learning, he just makes it so easy!

  25. Are we sure about 18:53 being able to do that multiple times per test? Like I could spend 5 resources to get 5 extra values per single skill test?

  26. This is my favourite game channel. I always watch before i get a game.

  27. Thank you so much for this. I am with family out of state and bought this to play with them. It has helped me so much. We will have lots of fun cause of you!

  28. Thanks, that's the first video that actually helped me to get into Arkham Horror…! I bought the game 3 years ago and struggled to get into it, since I dont have a local Arkham scene. I tried it a few times and stopped in the first minutes. This video actually gave me a walkthrough, how to handle that game, thanks a lot!

  29. Just got into this game after using the “art book” as inspiration for short stories/illustrations……..literally just finished playing through the 1st scenario solo after reading all the rules and watching this video a couple times. Definitely has a lot of potential, but I feel like it’s a game that requires a sit down discussion of gameplay before inviting other people to my game (just based on the intricacy of the rules/turn structure)

  30. Amazing explanation! Rodney, you are outstanding!

  31. WAIT WHAT!?? After an enemy attacks you, they exhaust?? I've been playing it wrong all these years…

  32. What a perfect tutorial. Thanks Rodney.

  33. You are such a wholesome man, thank you for the video.

  34. When you host a game night did you re-explain all these rules or show that video to your guests? 😆 Really helpful. Thx.

  35. Best youtube channel for learning gameplay and rules.

  36. Idk why, but I’ve played Marvel Champions a ton of times, learned the rules of LOTR TCG and found it extremely similar enough to to Marvel Champions that I had no problem jumping into the game… and yet whenever it comes to learning Arkham Horror TCG, I feel like it’s a totally different game. I just don’t know why. 😅

  37. This video was a masterclass in how to teach a game. A++ Thank you

  38. If we play with 2 investigators, and one of them is eliminated, and we end the 1# scenario, then at the 2# scenario he's alive ?

  39. Rodney! I know you hear this all the time, but your video explanations are truly the BEST!! I've watched so many videos on this game but yours is exemplary.

  40. 7:03 whaaat! You say that the act/agenda looks like a open book? Have played for years and never noticed that 😂

  41. can this game be played with more than 2 players?

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