Arkham horror the card game in about 3 minutes -

Arkham horror the card game in about 3 minutes

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Arkham horror the card game in about 3 minutes

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Designer,Nate French, MJ Newman
Artist,Christopher Hosch, Marcin Jakubowski, Ignacio Bazán Lazcano, Henning Ludvigsen + 3 more
Publisher,Fantasy Flight Games

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  1. So yeah, Arkham Horror LCG. One of my favourite games and something a little bit different. A really rich and detailed experience. Now, we've only played the core and Dunwich campaigns. Any veterans want to share their favourite campaign and why, in a slightly non spoilery way?

  2. Wonderful game, very atmospheric. Got it for my birthday, played solo during lockdown and loved it. Was hooked from the mystery of the first act, almost ran out of time during the second when I thought I’d visit the different areas instead of searching for the cult properly, and barely survived the boss at the end of the third act.
    Got lucky and drew dynamite and then the shotgun. Eat that eldritch horror!
    Think that’s why I enjoy this game so much: it tells a story with your actions as well as the narrative and choices you make.

  3. Great overview. Not for me, but do see the appeal for those interested in the genre.

  4. This is one of my top games ever. Odd that you exhausted Dr. Milan Christopher because you’re using the non-taboo version, which doesn’t exhaust. (Plus one to the best seeker stat and a dollar every time you take the best seeker action was obviously unbalanced.)

  5. I enjoyed the core set scenarios but it was only when I played "Path to Carcosa" that I fell in love with the game. The inventive marriage of theme and mechanics and the extraordinarily suggestive storyline very much impressed me. I also preferred the classical, art-house horror vibe of Carcosa as opposed to the more campy take of other campaigns. But it's all very impressive.

  6. Just got back from a trip camping and this reminded me of something.

    It'd be neat to have compact and portable games to take away highlighted (for me anyway!). Stuff to take camping/ on holiday which doesn't take too much space.

  7. nice review, but interaction at 2:36 seems incorrect (or maybe somewhat misleading). You can't decide to discard a knife after completing the check, you have to announce what action you take before resolving any of its effects

    also a lot of people seem to place act and agenda decks like you do at 0:36, but if you place them the other way around they form a book, so I think the intended way is to place agenda on the left and act on the right. It doesn't effect anything really, just a small detail that a lot of people seem to miss

  8. Not a fan of the theme 😭😭
    And I'm sorry to say that but there are two ameritrsh mechanics that I hate : dice resolutions and skill checks. So the first one is not here but the second? 🤷

  9. But you have the act and agenda on opposite sides. They're supposed to form a book. 🙂

  10. So I may have missed it in the review, but the most interesting part of the game in my opinion is building your decks from scratch. Rather than going in with the terrible starter decks, you spend time to decide what your investigator is going to be good at and how you will work as a team. The deck building sessions can even be their own game nights.

  11. This sounds infinitely better than regular Arkham Horror on every level. I'm now very interested in it…

  12. God i love the game, but storage and organizing is a complex game in itself….

  13. I much prefer tainted grail – better core gameplay and a much deeper, more rich story. I was always disappointed when arkham horror had my character collect a 'clue'. What's the clue, game? A bloody handprint? A lost slip of paper? Also, why were there sudden grasping hands during the mythos phase and what happened to the grasping hands immediately after the phase?
    I'm quite story focused, I don't know if you can tell.

  14. Who else loves reading flavor text in a spooky voice?

  15. Best thing imo is that losing feels good. You’re up against super powerful beings and it makes sense they’d wipe the floor with you. Thematically it works and just means a different end to the story

  16. This game make me bankrupt lol. I wait for Dunwinch Legacy Expansion Revised. Thx for review.

  17. Good episode as always, bu tit's only now occurred to me to ask who the person in the gold medal is

  18. Funny how no one wants to play this coop game with me. But I have faith =)

  19. Your review gave me flash backs of the role playing game in the 80's…which was great. However, I do seem to remember numerous characters going mad from seeing things they should not have seen. Hope the 3 of you had a fab festive break despite everything you had going on.

  20. Despite being story-driven game, we can't get in role, and were just using cards and resources. We've finished base campaign and got no desire playing more.
    Thanks for review.

  21. Beautiful review. You convinced me to buy everything you are explaining

  22. 0:36 But… but… you need to place them so they represent an open book :O

  23. Yay finally, I asked for this in your arkham horror 3rd more than 2 years ago.

  24. I loved this game, but wow! It's expensive. After buying the core and 2 expansions (not even getting a full season by a long shot), I did some calculations and decided I'd rather buy multiple other games then 1 season of this.

  25. Very few games in my collection rated a 10/10. This is one of them. No game is perfect but this has been exceptionally fun for us. Glad you enjoy it, too.

  26. Do You think those mechanics would be good for any other setting? They looks soooo good. But… I don't like this setting. Too "demonic" for my taste. I would love to play such game but in different setting. The Android games setting would be soooooo PERFECT for me. Pity we probably never will see such game 🙁

  27. I'm not much of a solo player but this one is good with someone else or on your own. Also… "go buy some stuff" made me laugh, best ad in a long time.

  28. So the revised set costs £50 on amazon vs £30 for the original. Now whilst I understand in pure value terms the revised set is worth it since its double the number of cards plus other features, genuine question, if there is zero chance of me ever playing a game with more than two players is there a compelling reason to get the revised set?

  29. If I recall correctly, Arkham Horror (the big one, not the LCG) is one of your favourites. And yet you haven't reviewed it. Just curious. (I've found this out when looking for a decent short video tutorial, which seems it does not exist either.)

  30. "The closest a full role-playing game has come in card form and in a box."
    The Storymaster's Tales says hello.

  31. I disagree slightly, that the first time is always the best. True, the "blind run" always is somewhat special. But some campaigns get better appreciated on reruns. The Forgotten Age is particularly frustrating the first time around. Also, compared to other story driven games (most notoriously TIME Stories or any Exit Room game), this has tremendous replayable campaigns. The very different to build and play investigators are also a big factor, to keep well known scenarios fresh.

  32. Definitely a good game, and in my personal opinion, I actually prefer the card game over the board game. Probably my favorite "mytho theme" board game experience overall.

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