at least it was suited 😎 #poker #shorts -

at least it was suited 😎 #poker #shorts

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#shorts #poker #wolfgangpoker

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  1. He limped in with trash. Then called on a draw. Then called a massive all-in to keep drawing. And poker gods reward a douche bag like this.

  2. Not enough money to protect his hand. Tough runout

  3. Zara is so PRETTY. Anyone know her IG?

  4. How many outs did you have after the turn there?

  5. Pot was 120 villian made it 60 to go preflop on the sb😂😂

  6. I know how Alex feels with the set on the flop, too many times

  7. What should be your pre flop fold rate???

  8. Vwoofgar Puckett Q❤6❤
    Your cards farted
    Had a straight
    And a flush
    He tried to run you off
    Hellmouth would screamed

  9. Did even need the flush. Could’ve just used the straight 😂

  10. Suited and 20percent of a Royal flush…all day every day 😊

  11. That's a well played hand all around. Set of tens made excellent bets on both the flop and turn. Made it expensive for Q 6 to call. Yeah he got lucky and caught the flush but perfect bets.

  12. Me justing chilling while watching the baseball game

  13. Wouldn’t ever in a million years hit that heart , that’s y I quit

  14. What were the cards again? Wasn't paying attention..

  15. Should’ve done QPR is you were gonna do a team this bad, love th content

  16. Although it worked out well its still a terrible play right?

  17. Join Namaz, ISLAM🕋
    Peace will occupied you by ALLAH
    ALLAH Bless you ❤❤
    Pray for all and Me ❤

  18. love the thing for your cards not blowing away

  19. "Cmooon 8 or a heart!"
    The river: 8 of Hearts
    "Huh. Overkill.'

  20. In limited games I usually play Q6 too. Even not suited. I call it my BS winning hand. I have won a lot more than losing with it. Even after folding it sometimes because of raises it still would've won.

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