AWESOME starting cards in Final Fantasy 8 Remastered - Triple Triad Beginners Tutorial - Part 1 -

AWESOME starting cards in Final Fantasy 8 Remastered – Triple Triad Beginners Tutorial – Part 1

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Triple Triad, aka the card game, is a great mini game in Final Fantasy 8 Remastered. However, I have been taking for granted the general basics of this little side adventure as I have been whizzing through various card battles assuming my viewers were keeping up. However, not everybody has played FF8 for so many hundreds of hours as I have and thus I have received a load of messages from folks requesting I go back to the basics and explain this card game in detail.

So here is my beginner’s tutorial guide to Triple Triad! In this first episode we focus on getting a decent starting hand that should set us up for the forseeable future. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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  1. I’m so disappointed. You haven’t taught me how to play the game. You’ve gone into the next video playing card games and expect me to follow through with out telling me how to play the game.

  2. My initial cards, instead of Shumi Tribe and T-Rexaur, I selected Krysta and Trauma then challenged the man in the lobby to farm some Elnoyle for a more formidable deck. The fifth card will be and if I acquired Malboro or Elastoid, otherwise I settle for Caterchipillar temporarily.

  3. "Pro player" 😃 People play Triple Triad for 💰? /jk😉

  4. nice guide and helpful tips for returning player

  5. I just started ff8 for the first time and lost all my cards in the beginning. I quit the card game lol

  6. Where part 2? Can't seem to find it in your playlist.

  7. Just a heads up, a lot of the videos previously uploaded are tagged with #FFVIIRemastered as opposed to VIII, I imagine due to confusion from the ffvii themes videos 😛

  8. As I Said Before, MOST Monsters In The Game Have A 2nd "Rarer Monster" Card They Can Be Turned Into! Fairly Rare Chance, But In Reality, Is Not Too Bad. Krysta(Can Be Carded From Bombs And Buels) And Shumi Tribe(Can Be Carded From T-Rexaurs And Grats) Are Fairly Easy To Get. Also, Those Fastitocalan-Fs On The Balamb Shoreline Are GREAT For Making The "Water" Spell For Characters Early On, Which Junctions Nicely To STR To Start With.

  9. You can also Card Bombs in Fire Cavern to get Bomb cards and a Krysta card if you're lucky

  10. Baptiste Payen, dessin & photographie says:

    You can card larva (French version) into flottix, succubes into Krystal, and xylopode into Pampa senior, it will complete ifrit and shumi for the beginning until you obtain quistis, minimog and Zell.

  11. Glasial Eye, next to mountains near Balamb garden, can be carded to Jumbo Cactaur. Cathepilars, in the forrests, in to Trauma. Bite bug in to Elvoret. And Bombs / Buels, in Fire cavern can be carded in to Krysta.

  12. Awesome starting cards? For me, they began and ended with a disc 1 Ultima Weapon collection. You can win most things with just a handful of Ultima Weapon cards, obtained early on.

  13. Thanks for this guide. Been waiting for a proper tutorial for Triple Triad for 20 years.

  14. I grew up playing ff8 and it was always my least favorite. But, for some reason I have never gotten into triple triad, I think I didn't understand it as a kid so I just never bothered. I'm going to start a new game since I still have ff8 classic on my psp, and try this stuff out. This game is quite complex compared to other iterations of final fantasy imo.

  15. I farmed bomb cards after ifrit, also their rare drop is Krystal cards also I got lucky carding a bite bug for a elvoret card. Next I'm going for cathepillars and glacial eyes for trauma and jumbo cactus respectively

  16. Who do you play to get the abyss worm card

  17. Has the episode on how to actually play you referenced been made yet? I don’t see it in the playlist and am looking forward to watching it

  18. Interesting that you have a whole series about Card game in FF VIII. Back in the day I hated the card game and mainly ignored it. But since the remaster is here, I tried it again and I still don't really understand how it works, and I am not planing to get ALL cards in the game, but I win most of the games. I don't really switching around the card queen 100 times to get rare cards because I find that very annoying. I don't want to loose cards. But over all I am on disc 2 now and I have 70 or 80 cards by now. Some of them more than once and I am fine. I play cards for fun and when I see new cards I get them or I farm Malboro cards but that's it. But I will watch the series because maybe then I understand how it works 🙂 And when I understand it I am still not planing to get all the cards. But it will make farming for crafting material cards even better I hope 🙂

  19. I remember saving my game and trying to beat the demon in the lamp for a month to get his card. I loved this mini game more than the ff8 itself lol.

  20. Is this applicable to Steam FF8 Remastered?

  21. Where is the follow-up to this episode? The rest of the videos in the playlist seem to refer to how to farm other cards but I still don't know how to even play the card game or did I miss something?

  22. I just bought VIII Remastered yesterday, and TT was something I was most excited to see again. I’d forgotten, however, just HOW bad those first 7 cards are, and got my ass kicked by everyone I challenged in the Garden. So needless to say, thank you for this guide to help me shake the rust off! 😂

  23. How do you select cards before a game?

    Mine just randomly puts them out.

  24. this is a fun mini game?? along with the mini underwater game i assume? ….

  25. I really frustrate this game really hard i don.t know to do card game so hard

  26. How is this a Triple Triad tutorial??? I just want to know how the rules work!

  27. Are you serious, you haven't even told us HOW to play ff8 cards, so now you expect me to sit through another 10 minutes of waffle???

  28. I gained card early Krysta from Bomb (Fire Cavern) first time and Jumbo Cactuar.

  29. You never followed up on this video with an actual guide on how to play but this episode and it’s playlist is what came up when looking for how to play this game. That’s bs. You said your next video was going to give a tutorial on how to play and it wasnt. All I wanted was to learn how the rules work in the game.

  30. doesn't even mention the minimog card that is better than all the other cards in this video besides ifirt that you can get right away basically

  31. Thank you so much for making this mini series!

  32. Im soooo terrible at this game, i lose alllllllll the time

  33. Why didn't you get a Krysta card from the Buels & Bombs in the fire cavern?

  34. First thing I do is get Card and turn glacial eyes into Jumbo Cactaur. I always played by corner control: cactaur bottom left, ifrit bottom right, and after this most games have moved to the center of the battlefield- where you clean up with Quistis and MiniMog.

  35. I get card before the fire cavern, and card the bombs. Use the bombs and ifrit to get cards from playing the card game instead of from the monsters.

  36. Wow. So glad I got 10 minutes in to realise this video teaches nothing on triple triad.

  37. Very annoying that you didn't show us how to spread all. No reason not to and it was important.

  38. Ive played cards today blindly and lost diablos and ifrit cards

  39. The main reason to play FF8 is Triple Triad!
    It inspired our game. Would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think.

  40. 1. Get Ifrit Card 2. Morph 2 Bombs into Bomb Cards 3. Talk to the Card Queen in Balamb untill ALL Rule appears and reject to play with her. The ALL Rule often sticks. 4. Play against the women who walks her dog at the harbour. She has WedgeBiggs, Malboro, Ruby Dragon, Elnoyle, Tonberry King, Blitzer, Behemoth, Chimera, Iron Giant, Blue Dragon, Hexadragon, Torama and many more.

  41. QUESTION : Do NPC cards get depleted or reduced ?
    I noticed that when i first played against Headmaster CID the had a lot of good cards 4-5 level i think. especially Enoyle
    BUT after i defeated him 5-10 times he seems to have been stuck at producing level 1-2 cards … i cant find Enoyle anymore.
    do they reduce ?

  42. Cardes like 40 brats for 40 beats and no single Shumi something.

  43. I think there's a glitch on my game I can't select a card on dollet

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