bad luck streaks in card games -

bad luck streaks in card games

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  1. Clearly, he didn't believe in the heart of the cards enough.

  2. "If you don't play a card this turn, you have zero friends."

  3. I love Marvel Snap, but I desperately need an option to filter out "Destroy Deck" locations. They just suck.

  4. We need an official Cow CCG. xD

  5. Another video, another request for this to become a real game

  6. He needs to make this an official card game.

  7. "if you dont playba card this round you have zero friends"


  8. I am craving a hamburger right now, i wonder why🤔

  9. I loved this so much when I sw it live, for some reason it was more fun then 😀

  10. I’m sorry to interrupt but I do know this guy from a film call “blackberry” which is a rise and fall, he only got a few senses

  11. What about those two locations that just takes over and plays the games for you?Always somehow makes the worst plays for both players

  12. Guys, we need him to stream Marvel Snap and narrate his own moves

  13. Marvel Snap is set up so you large, unrelenting losing streaks and I hate it (but I somehow still love it)

  14. If you play Broccowli and Cowuliflower at the same time you get stat boosts/

  15. I've had games like that before. Usually coinciding with my friend pulling what I like to call "Heart of the Cards Bull$hit."

  16. Then there's the player who says they just "bricked" and still ZTKs you.

  17. This one actually made me snort laugh so for that I thank you

  18. I want this cow card game/board game to exist.

  19. So, this was the one that I saw in the showcase livestream a couple of weeks ago. XD

  20. I swear this happened to me in terraforming mars but the internet says its like .07% luck and mostly skill 😔

  21. There needs to be a skit where all his characters exist in the same universe.
    King Dragon: This Lysanderoth has become a thorn on my side for far too long. There's go to be a way to stop him!
    Time Wizard: My lord, I do know of a sorcerer who is powerful enough to take down anyone. I think his name was…Bovinus.
    King Dragon: In that case, bring him in.
    Time Wizard: But I should warn you that he's a little…
    King Dragon: I don't care, just bring him in!

    Bovinus: I am Bovinus, the Grandmaster of Cows!
    King Dragon: Cows, are you kidding me!?
    Time Wizard: Well, I did warn you, didn't…
    King Dragon: Don't you dare lecture me!
    Bovinus: I know it sounds cheesy, but I can cream any foe into udder defeat.
    King Dragon: Enough with the cows puns!
    Bovinus: Apologies, but if you cud bear with me, I can butcher all those you have a beef with! If you can moove past that, you'll see that I can milk my adversaries dry. And do you want to know my battle cry?
    Dragon King: Absolutely not! I had it with your shenani…
    Bovinus: COWabunga!
    Dragon King: That's it! I'm sending you back to your timeline!

  22. I tell yah there's no respect for the Dangerfield joke, no respect.

  23. I didn’t know I was on Vine I though I was on YouTube?

  24. SungWon, I feel like you were a Moo Mesa fan growing up?

  25. Bad draw in MTG: I'll try next turn.
    Bad draw in YGO: I lost this entire game.

  26. I thought this was going to be a funny video but nope. It’s sad to see a nearly grown-ass man play with childrens’ toys. Guys, next time someone says anything about you playing video games just show them this video and ask, “would you prefer this?”

  27. I play this Game! Nice! Way to reach your audience! 😀 I feel so Validated

  28. "That's a deep cut for an audience of zero" is quite the insult

  29. People only know Rover Dangerfield if they saw the Nostalgia Critic review of ir

  30. One of these days, a cow card game will be made.

  31. competitive magic the gathering comes down to how well you shuffle

  32. I watched a 42 second ad in what otherwise would be a 1 minute video. And it was worth it.

  33. This is a legitimate infuriating occurence that happens in this game and I love how Marvel Snap actually had this short for their presentation and then proceeded to do nothing to address this occurrence

  34. With how much time spent on this card game, it feels almost legit

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