Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals | 2022 Super Wildcard Weekend Game Highlights -

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals | 2022 Super Wildcard Weekend Game Highlights

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  1. What happened to Bills Mafia? Ravens handled the Bengals better if it wasn’t for snoop fumble.

  2. This is one of my fave plays when Sam Hubbard runs for a touchdown. #51 cracks me up trying to avoid stepping on the other guy he pushed.🤣

  3. Poor Huntley keep raising his hands up thinking he scored a touchdown🤣

  4. A QB sneak at the 2 yard line gotta be the dumbest play call in NFL history

    Hubbard was perfect too but Wilson obliterated that td attempt, reminded me of a basketball shot getting denied.

  6. Wonder how fast Andrews was bookin it there, reminded me of Metcalfs sprint. Great effort.

  7. Still can't believe that fumble. Looked rigged watching that lousy run beforehand. They didn't want to make it in. Another Seattle 'blunder' but it's obvious it didn't fit the broken time clock agenda

  8. can’t believe i missed this. RAVENS my madden squad Andd bengals was always a favorite team of mine. GGZ

  9. Idk why we celebrate hitting someone so hard they physically can’t hold onto the ball

  10. As a ravens fan I’m not to happy with Lamar selling all the time😂😕

  11. Full respect for that chase by Andrews. Outstanding effort. Bengals fan here

  12. that was the most Epic play by #94 that I have ever witnessed I dont even watch football like that but im a Bengals fan now! what a runnnnnn go go go go go !!!

  13. "you are a really FOOL TYLER HUNTLEY that defeat was so much costly to my RAVENS,
    all this it´s YOUR FAULT AND GUILTY, YOU hear me!."

  14. Ravens where the better team the bengals got lucky that we had a backup that played great but had some mistakes bengals lucked up again.

  15. Ravens have to fix a few things if they wanna convert the promise into something solid.

  16. First time the Baltimore Ravens franchise has ever lost a Wild Card round game on the road. They had been 6-0 all time.

  17. I liked it better when Al Michaels commentated on Sunday Night Football

  18. AFC North football is the best football out there.. Every single game is won or lost with blood because these guys hate each other so much 😂

  19. The excitement in the announcer's voice when the ball goes live 😂😂

  20. I love Lamar but time to trade his ass. Hard to build a super bowl roster with the money he's asking for unless you're patty mahomes

  21. This was the most rigged game in history. No coach would ever call a QB sneak from the two yard line, sending the QB over the top from under the center. He didn't even have a running start. Right before that play I said, No way are they gonna allow a backup QB knock Joe Burrow out of the playoffs. Then they ran a play that would create an easy turnover. Hundley kept that ball out there until that ball was knocked loose.

  22. Ravens would’ve won if Lamar was playing

  23. Sam Hubbards 98 yard touchdown was foul because the defensive player pushed mark andrews

  24. Credit to joe burrow not being cocky after the win and being humble in every way

  25. I hate them I shouldn't have to see these emo trash birds 3 times in a year

  26. Here is why joe burrow is a lil bit overatted he gets outplayed by a backup

  27. If Jackson was healthy Baltimore probably wins

  28. I love the Ravens💜💜💜also less gooo Lamar!!!!

  29. Ravens D really held them to 17 points man. This still hurts so much to watch cant wait to get this revenage next season were sweeping these bengles and hopefull we get to maybe even knock them out the playoffs

  30. This was a great game played on both sides of the field there's no doubt about it but when you factor in that Lamar and the majority of Baltimore's Top playmakers and starters weren't playing in this game and this game was as close as it was without these players and still Baltimore had the Win within reach if only it weren't for a game altering fumble at the goal line SPEAKS VOLUMES!
    Imagine all of the Ravens Top Playmakers and starters were playing in this game ESPECIALLY LJ8 THE GREAT well this very well could of been a blowout or at least a very one sided game in favor of The Baltimore Ravens💥
    Just a little food for thought
    Goodnight my fellow Raven's Fans and Goodnight to the rest of the NFL fans regardless of your team!!!
    ForeverJok3r over and out


  31. They couldn't score after 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter left we should have won this game

  32. As a lifelong bengals fan, mad respect to the ravens, the defense and offense came out to play ball

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