Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals Full Game Highlights | NFL WILD CARD 2023 -

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals Full Game Highlights | NFL WILD CARD 2023

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Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals Full Game Highlights | NFL WILD CARD 2023


  1. Couldn't believe that a lineman could run 98 yards, without being caught, Are you kidding Me ? When I saw the replay …….that guy was moving and a guess the receivers (With speed) had no ideal what happened. What a way to lose a game, What was worse losing a 27 point (San Diego) lead or losing by a fumble. these playoff are crazy.

  2. The horrific performance of the tough luck bumbling bills revealed why putting money on the them is a fool's errand Anyone who knows the history of this dysfunctional organization intuitively knows with them what can go wrong will go wrong as they are a accident waiting to happen

  3. The injuries on the Bengals offensive line is really concerning because to protect Joe and run the football a strong line is essential Don't think they can overcome this situation

  4. Huntley is a inexperienced QB he missed open guys and tried to force to many plays

  5. I’m not a fan of either team but isn’t it illegal to push someone to the ground from behind as he is getting ready to tackle the runner ? I’m asking for a friend.

  6. It was sad the Ravens have fallen again. Lamar Jackson still have an injury concern which is a sprain, but he'll be back for the next season. Also, if Jackson would've been there to play, he should've helped the Ravens get through. Lastly, what if Lamar Jackson gets traded for the next season? Only time will tell.

  7. Ole butter fingers…And so much for that great game the announcer was saying about Huntley..Go Bengals

  8. Ravens would have beat them with lmj
    Its look like they sticking with Huntley as they QB lmj fin to get trade

  9. I still don't believe perpendicular pizzas are practical.

  10. Huntley is trash imo, idk why Ravens pick a QB “somewhat” similar to Lamar.

  11. game announcer sucks big time…Bengals on the move

  12. Why are they doing a qb sneak over the top on 3rd down? Wow. That was a major screw up. They should at least had a field goal outta that drive.

  13. Ravens under Lamar are a great team, who achieve nothing, never forget that.

  14. Same result with lamar playing. He chokes on playoffs anyways!!!

  15. On that fumble play number 35 gave up on his team.. But boy Andrews HES A RAVEN! that chase down he almost caught dude to save the td damn what heart he has

  16. Watching high lights too many commercials didn't they make enough already.

  17. Lamar probably don't wanna play in Baltimore no mo' hell he got legs, should of tryout for ⚽⚡💥🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

  18. Huntley got stuck in mid air between players, "oh boy we have a problem"😂 protect that ball with your chest or something 🥶

    Edit: he got agility and speed but he needs to run forward not backwards 💀

  19. Why did no.3 for Baltimore not extend his arms to catch the ball in the endzone on the last play? It would have been an easy TD to send the game to overtime.

  20. I can't believe the Bengals turn around. Used to always be a lose to PIT & Bal every yr. Hope they get another Superbowl run

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