Bandai just revealed the Smash Bros of card games?! New game Union Arena announced! -

Bandai just revealed the Smash Bros of card games?! New game Union Arena announced!

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Bandai of Japan just revealed an insane, ambitious crossover card game named Union Arena! Lets talk about it.

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  1. Yep this looks like it was made specifically to compete with Weiss .

  2. The Hunter hunter deck better let me play rock paper scissors with my opp

  3. The blue hair is Rimuru from Reincarnated as a Slime. It’s an isekai anime but the first season is a feel of a blue mage in a city simulator build.

  4. Isn't this basically the same concept as Weisse Schwars

  5. Wow bandai is really going all in on the TCG market aren't they. This is there fifth card game. You have Dragon Ball Super, Digimon, One Piece, Battle Spirits and now this. 😅

  6. Yikes, Bandai is getting greedy and spreading themselves thin. If this keeps up, their player base will be split and their games will start to fail one by one… I think I’m going to be cautious with Bandai TCG from now on… I’m playing Dragon Ball a lot and some Digimon. Also trying One Piece, but that’s my limit. 💯

  7. Tales of arise does not have an anime however other tales games do.
    Tales of arise is the most recent tales games.
    The power scaling on this game would be super weird but I would love to try out the code geass deck.

  8. At the very least, My Hero Academia set won't come here, Jasco Games has sole rights for it in the US.

  9. I'm only really playing Digimon TCG, but this is a horrible look for Bandai. EX3 was so poorly translated it was like a single foreign "English Teacher in Japan" on a visa is responsible for the entirety of the Digi TCG. Seriously, look at the amount of errata for EX3. So now I'm supposed to be hyped about another TCG after they just launched One Piece and another one I've forgotten about. I'm interested in the concept, but I'm not excited about how rapidly Bandai is expanding. Their business model is looking less like quality and more like quantity looking for a hit success larger than Digimon, larger than Once Piece – for whatever reason. Bandai doesn't have infinite resources, they can only spread themselves so thin before it'll all come crashing down.

  10. This just needed to be a proper Shōnen Jump card game. I feel like throwing in stuff like the "Tales of" series and "Code Geass" actually hurts the games identity. And, from the looks of things, this game will probably not allow you to mix cards from separate series into the same deck. That's what turned me off of Weiss Schwarz and (Bandai's previous "mixed IP" card game) the Chrono Clash System. Allow me to mix Hunter X Hunter and JJK, for example… A deck where I can have Gon fight alongside Yuji if I wanted, not just exclusively against each other. What a waste of having access to so many IPs for a card game only to not let me mix and match however I like? Plus, this is yet ANOTHER Bandai Card Game? We just got the One Piece Card Game, Battle Spirits Saga not too far behind, and now ANOTHER card game? It feels like they're biting off more than they can chew, but I guess only time will tell.

  11. 100% chance this game will never see a release in North America. There's already an active My Hero TCG license going through Universus TCG.

    So they either release the rest of the cards to us an exclude MHA until the current license runs out or we just won't ever see the game, unfortunately.

  12. Just so you guys know these game where made ahead of time so I don't think bandi is getting greedy it just want to keep on making games so we can enjoy because if a card game is bit doing will they lose money more then gained so it's up to us the buyer to see if we support it or not and I like where this is going anyway

  13. Kind like bandai become more and more like bushiroad release Card Game every single years. Ehhh yeah whatever looking for the mechanic and art style i don't think they seriously think it sell well.
    The most best scenario i think it just a game to play in small local communities and not as competitive as battle spirit or digimon.

    Kind sad why all companies try to milking there most profits products line?

    Keeping up with that kind of stuff was the thing that make people out.

    Also : for a tales series fan i can say the anime still in pre-production, and i guess the still uses same studio as old tales anime "ufotable" but yeah i little bit confuse why tales series need card game especially went they sell so well and get RPG of the year in 2022.

  14. Yeah okay Bandai is losing their minds after the success of one card game they think it's okay to just go ham and release a bunch, they need to let games develop and not release games back to back and actually support games but it's making me worry about the future of Digimon as a card game

  15. The concept is good but if they just paste in anime screenshots, then I'm not really interested. It feels like they're doing the bare minimum with exclusive title.

  16. I think I'd rather focus on one TCG before I even get hyped for another. Starting one TCG is already a heavy investment of money and time.

  17. Grand Archive is much better than this. GA the best anime TCG

  18. I wish I could but I'm playing Digimon, Vanguard, and OP…if it weren't for Vanguard's dry spell, my wallet wouldn't exist anymore.

  19. I doubt this game releases in the U.S. but if it does I don’t see it last long.

  20. I'm concerned for what Bandai is doing here. Dbs and digimon were different enough that they could exist simultaneously. One Piece already split those communities and then battle spirits is probably gonna shave a bit off all 3. Adding a 5th game into the mix that directly conflicts with the Shonen based market of all these games sounds like a horrible idea. My only reason I'm not freaking out about digimon dying is that the hyping up of the 3rd anni on the stream.

    On another note, I've heard MHA isn't doing great so if this comes out overseas I can definitely see MHA going under.

  21. If they’re open to using Video Game assets for the cards, that might be the move for MHA. (Assuming Bandai is the publisher for the MHA game).

    Like the cards might just be Video Game art, and that could be a way to get MHA licensed.

    And personally, I probably won’t be able to support this (even though I really like Bleach). Like, One Piece and Digimon have already maxed me out

  22. I am super excited about my favourite anime hunter x hunter, how ever the art are not excited, I hope they put more into it,

  23. Yeah, Idolmaster is reused game assets, but since it's from a game and not an anime, it looks way better since the artstyle doesn't need to be simplified like for animation.

    Also, the only reason i'd be willing to try this game is Idolmaster. I wonder if the booster will divide the different idol units as archetypes of their own, or if the entire franchise will be one single archetype? If it's the first, i'd gladly play a L'Antica deck, or a Houkago Climax Girls deck, otherwise i'll be just an Idol player lol

    We'll have to wait and see how this turns out.

  24. Bandai needs to stop making all these new games and just make crossover cards for their existing games. I want to evolve metalgreymon into ichigo and tap my Deku tamer card to give my Shounen Jump digimon +1 SA when it evolves

  25. If a Tales of the Abyss deck drops then I'm buying it. I doubt it'll be a game I can get my group to play sadly.

  26. As much as I love bleach being in a game…I feel this game might be an overall mistake. My reason for starting digimon (originally played YGO only for like 10 years) was the art and the individual thought into that artwork. If its screenshots, that is my first reason to not be excited. In terms of IP, they have rights to all of it but this may mean that they will have less attention to digi, and OP. I am hoping that is not the case. I would love it if they keep digi for another 2-3 years or figure how to reinvent it. OP we have no worries of d/t the how vast the story and characters are. We can make Luffy in every color and that means we have a good 10 years before it starts to die off.

  27. The game mat looks almost identical to Cardfight Vangard

  28. More like Fortnite of card games lol

  29. This is nothing new, there's already the super smash of anime on tcg and it's called Weiss Schwarz. The main difference its that all these titles are licensed in JP by Bandai and everything it's shonen. Do proper research next time.

  30. I very excited I just load on manga vol and now this 😂😂lol but yeah I was playing one piece card game. So it be that and this with some vol excited 🔥🔥🔥🔥😮

  31. Oof they are trying to compete with bushiroad then oof

  32. Ok, why does this need to exist? Its just Weiss Shwartz under a different name more or less and very few people play that game.

  33. This looks cool but sadly it might just die off.

  34. I mean there's already a crossover card game called Weiss Schwarz. It already includes properties like Persona, Attack on Titan and Dragon Maid.

  35. Tfw I only know about 4 of the anime/games in that thumbnail

  36. dont think so good about another tcg they should watch on they other tcg dbs dying and digimon not so big in other regions like befoe….

  37. It'd be really funny if they put Digimon, Vanguard and/or Yugioh into this card game as well

  38. Isn't that Miyazaki Homura twitter @3:10?
    Honestly saying I can't wait for UA TCG as well.

  39. I would like it, but if it were a digital card game for cell phones and PCs, it wouldn't compete so much against other physical card games from the company itself

  40. For this to work in the US the sets would need to be larger and have a variety mix between IP. Sets could still have 2 or three properties be central to the set but would need 3 or four minor theme IP to fill the set out. Staying one IP per set will kill it, incentivizing players to buy the single set that had their favorite IP rather than a little from each set – more overall.

  41. It's almost they like making money by making old decks obsolete on 5 different playing fields

  42. Everyone just love’s Vanguard’s deck damage lmao

  43. bandai has fun games but theyre horrible about power creeping too hard too quickly by pumping out product every single month. theyre the peak of cash grab card games and take advantage of IP prestige and loyalty to do so. will not be supporting this at all

  44. One piece just came out
    I'm knee deep in digimon
    And I'm drowning in yugioh
    I think i'll pass on this unless it really picks up, I'll just drop one piece i guess 🤷‍♂️

  45. yeah gonna skip its just weiss again it would be amazing if you could mix and match any anime but can't you might only get one booster box for a couple anime and won't see any new cards for that series in a few years or ever

  46. I can’t get into Weiss because it has an identity crisis. This looks like an all shonen jump game which looks cool. If you notice all five Bandai trading card games look and play similar so I don’t think they’ll have a resource problem BUT I think battle spirits is going to have a tough time as the west likes established ips for tcgs. After magics 30th anniversary I left the game for digimon and dragon ball only ever watched two episodes of one piece lol

  47. just because this has mult ips don't mean it's WS

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