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  1. Years ago signature cards were worth 500+ and now they’re like 150-200 😅 but now I want the angel Goku card it’s too fire mr sirry bob 😮

  2. Goku deck for sure! Been looking into getting into dragonball cards

  3. Love the new rules and really looking forward to the Frieza deck!!!

  4. When did you start doing DB packs? It has been a hot minute since I last watched.

  5. Honestly most excited for the broly and the goku decks. Very beautiful looking cards and I'm starting to love this game

  6. broly is the deck im the most hyped for honestly glad the the game got a reset the power creep was real

  7. The Frieza deck looks rad af but the Broly deck is definitely top of my list.

  8. Vegeta deck always,doesn't matter if its meta or complete trash lmao 😂😂

  9. Most excited for Vegeta. He is my boy!

  10. Too much of a broly fan boy to say Vegeta
    I go with broly deck

  11. My favorite deck is the broly deck!! Fusion world is awesome, the art is great!!

  12. Being a Broly fan myself, I like what I saw in that particular set. But I really like these DB tcg sets!

  13. Vegeta deck all the way. Fusion world is looking promising. Really hoping this gets real popular.

  14. Excited for that goku deck but that vegeta looks 🔥

  15. freiza deck – looks nice overall

  16. Broly set is definitely the best set from all the boxes, goku box would have to be my second favorite

  17. Would go with Broly, green been my main color since Masters released.

  18. I’m looking forward to the Vegeta deck, but I also like how they simplified the original game-Bandai did something cool with the packs in each deck.

  19. I think fusion world is a lotta fun so far! Reminds me HEAPS of how masters was at the start.
    Broly is my favorite but I think I'm most keen to give vegeta a go as he looks like a lot of fun!

  20. i’m really excited for the Goku deck, I’ve always wanted to own some DB cards just to have them on my wall since the artwork is a beauty

  21. Atleast bandai realized it’s 2024 and the tech is there to give cards a good look.. at the end of the day it’s just stupid paper people pay hundreds to tousands of dollar. Atleast they can look nice, since they have no use what so ever.

  22. Yeah idk.

    I like the new style and simplified gameplay but can't help but think this is a downgrade and am not sure why everyone's getting so excited 🤔

  23. Vegeta is king, so nothing beats him🔥🔥🔥

  24. Played a bit of them all on the Beta. But will have to go with Goku cause he is the OG! Fusion Worlds def also easier to learn then master as someone new so definitely like it. Just Masters has the better art work as of now…

  25. Honestly, I've never played this game. I'd love to learn it by winning one pack. I'm a huge Vegata fan.

  26. I live in japan and was wondering when they would have foil technology like that for US cards. The Dragonball heroes cards here in Japan have had gold and embossed and 10 layers of wild stuff on them for 14 years lol Its not just the UR either. Cheap cards have wild foiling like that too here

  27. I'm new to this and just started collecting, so they all look so good to me. But, if I had to choose, I would go for the Vegeta pack to start.

    Love the videos man. Thank you for making it easy for me to start my collection. I might start One Piece as well.

  28. Probably most excited for the Vegeta starter deck. Blue seems to have the most interaction with bouncing things. And I think this game will be a great jumping in point for DBS fans since this game is WAY LESS complicated than Masters.

  29. Goku looks dope to be blunt im not all that interested in this dragononeballpiece set im waiting for the new "masters" set nothing comes close to the original games print quality and designs if i wanted one piece if buy that but im overall not a fan

  30. Definitely Vegeta, my favourite character among those!

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