Beginner Card Trick Tutorial -

Beginner Card Trick Tutorial

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  1. I've learned 3 of these type of card tricks from you this week and my 4yr old thinks i have super powers and my wife thinks I have a secret past she doesn't know about. lol

  2. None of these card tricks work on anyone smarter than an 8 year old. True magicians at a minimum shuffle the deck in front of the audience.

  3. i dont understand i tried it butit didnt work

  4. Thank you for showing us all these self working tricks. I love doing these for the grandchildren!

  5. It works i tried nice trick 😂❤🎉

  6. I this to my 5yr old cousin and he thought i was magic he kept callin me superman 😂😂😂

  7. any trick that does not start with a shuffle is simple math and never impresses me.

  8. What if they make you shuffle the deck before doing the trick though?

  9. I tried this trick 1000 times it doesn’t work

  10. Great until they ask you to shuffle the deck.

  11. Mine not working please rply me and give steps to do this

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