Beginners Tips & Tricks! Deck Breakdown! [ONMYOJI: THE CARD GAME] -

Beginners Tips & Tricks! Deck Breakdown! [ONMYOJI: THE CARD GAME]

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  1. How do I use orbs to unlock shikigami? I notice you dont have yours anymore in the consumables pls help :((

  2. A number of people aren’t able to log-in. I hope they fix it soon for international.

  3. Koolio, its looks like you really like this game.

  4. Please continue doing videos on this game! I love playing it so much

  5. build guest house, then get your kaguya check in then you can dispatch Kaguya into your kiosk

  6. I think the people behind these Onmyoji games don't learn from design flaws in previous games. I lost all interest in this one (too); after 3 days of irrelevant "find the soup bottle" bs story mode and like 10% of my 3 days was actual tcg gaming.

  7. I like the chess mode don't need no cards there a bit pay to win on the character selection though cause some of the characters are really strong like that one that gives a fatal buff fatal is really broken in that mode. but a number of them are not that useful overall only that guy that can give fatal buff on one of your unit the one I notice that can actually make a difference. the rest doesn't matter that much it matter if you manage to get a bunch of nurture unit for a nurture character but chances are you won't.

    as long as you have a guard unit with protect that's guaranteed 2-3 dead enemy no matter how high their HP are.

  8. Definitely would like to see matches & maybe participate in duo

  9. I wouldn’t mind more vids about this game, I think it’s one of the best card game, there’s so many options when making your deck

  10. Bro, nice content. I really like your Onmyoji TCG video.
    Please make more vids about it. Thanks, appreciate it.

  11. Ive been addicted to this game for 2 mo ths now. Lol

  12. i cant clear the IV chapter of kingyo vs otengu is so hard any help 🙁

    also what packs u reccomend me to buy ?

  13. This is an unique card game, it doesn't have it's season meta or something like the other card game. You can win any game if you combine your card effectively, no matter what shikigami you use

  14. Me : watch this beginner tips
    Also me : already tier V with hopeless cz on tier 5 above, opponent's cards are too complicated 😭👍🏼

  15. Im late but i juat search for vids about this game because im hooked, i played mabinogi duel before and some hearthstone and runetera but this one is very pleasing to me..

  16. A shotengai guide would be appreciated by the community i think 🙂

  17. Another tip. Use the easy shikigamis as they will help you learn the game faster as you would have to spend less time focusing on trying to make them work and instead redirect that time to understanding the bigger picture.

  18. How do I unlock Melancholy Satori (the campaign)

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