Best alt art pull ever! One piece TCG -

Best alt art pull ever! One piece TCG

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  1. The shoulder and back problems Boa must have 😂

  2. Really just really your that desperate for views you had to put that card to cover the original card wow just wow

  3. That's wayyyy better than any rare pokemon💀

  4. Can we talk about um ykyk boa lowkey trippen😂

  5. I just recently bought a special box of One Piece cards, it was the Big Mom Pirate edition which was a coincidence I recently got done watching that arc and wasn’t planning buying any One Piece cards. I was looking for Pokémon cards and the Comic Store I went to didn’t have any at that moment. So I bought that box on a whim.

  6. I’ll trade you my Manga Shanks for that.

  7. Thats actually a hentai manga cover most likely because i think i have seen that on twitter of all places

  8. Well s*** we're going to stop this thing cuz we're done. I've got them the one card that I needed

  9. 5k likes :luffy card
    6k likes :free phone
    7k likes :nami
    8k likes :Robin
    9k likes:Bible
    1M likes:holy water

  10. Oh i know this one, its Futanari (horrible Vietnam war flashback)

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