Best Card Games 2022 | TOP10 Digital Card Games for PC -

Best Card Games 2022 | TOP10 Digital Card Games for PC

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Best Card games in 2022 that you need to try. These online card games are the best digital card games to start in 2022. This is my favourite list of the most played and loved card games on the PC including trading card games (TCG), collectible Card Games (CCG) as well as living card games (LCG).

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  1. Cool to hear Sleigh Bells on the MTG trailer. I was only listening to their album reign of terror 20 minutes ago .

  2. One thats not on this list and is severely underrated is FAERIA its 5 bucks on steam right now please try it out out of all the card games ive tried it feels the most rewarding and balance (somewhat) and the most strategic it just feels like theres no players and its not even on this list thats how you know people probably dont know about it.

  3. гавно а не ігри…всі як одна

  4. Not sure I'd put Roguebook in a best card game list.

  5. Gwent by far the best and most underrated in this list

  6. Do not play Hearthstone unless you've been playing it for some time

  7. What's the music in the Hearthstone part? Sounds awesome

  8. This video is so lazy. Remember when content creators actually create content?

  9. I highly recommend you don't play Mtg Arena for so many reasons.

  10. Prismata is better than any of these games and is still free to play, even if development ended long ago.

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