BEST DECKS FOR BEELZEMON CUP!!! | Digimon Card Game Purple Format -

BEST DECKS FOR BEELZEMON CUP!!! | Digimon Card Game Purple Format

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Wondering what decks to bring for the Beelzemon Cup event? I got you covered as here are some of my favorites and best suggestions! I am super excited for the tournament and can’t wait to see all the creative ideas that people come up with. What are some other decks you guys feel would be good choices for this event?

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More Information on the Beelzemon Cup Event


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I am super excited for the Beelzemon Cup event with the special Beelzemon Cup Rules where you can only play purple decks. Today, I will talk about the best Beelzemon Cup Decks in my opinion featuring the Beelzemon Deck, Ophanimon Deck, Creepymon Deck, Beelstarmon Deck, Mervamon Deck, and Megidramon Deck. There are actually so many different ways to build which leaves a ton of creativity.

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  1. What about purple CresGarurumon otk? Would that be a good deck to play?

  2. I’m playing bagra army at local tonight

  3. I'm playing the Merva rush with the Kinka/Ginka package

  4. Im assuming my stores starter decks are legal. Would creepy mon be good in beelzemon or would it just end up messing me up in mirror as they get st14 beelzemon out?

  5. If we could use the starter deck for this cup, how strong do you think is the starter deck when comparing it with the others decks you featured in this video? (was hoping to compete only with the starter deck just to see how far I can go)

  6. Surprised to see you didn't include a Titamon deck. The new BlueMeramon has given the deck a great new lv 5 and can be one of the faster OTK decks for the event

  7. Do you have to play purple for this tourney? Only one I have it’s the Malomyotismon

  8. My Malomyotismon is fire, I have been playing it for the last few formats and I always surprise people when I beat top tier decks. The best combo is the ex1 Ogremon when attacking with Dracmon when attacking 😈 2 sec checks on turn 2.

  9. I've been wanting to build MRR (Merva retaliation rush), as it's a simple deck to understand the premise of

  10. If it helps my local store Hosting the tournament allows the use of the new starter deck

  11. My gf plays Titamon and it wrecks my beelzemon… hoping we do ok this weekend

  12. Do you think the undead/x antibody deck could be playable….or bagra army.
    Just trying to see what my options are with the cards I have

  13. I love the idea of a mill deck. Can't wait to get my hands on more Beelzemon!

  14. Def want to do MervaBeel, hell want to do it even post Beelze since Minvera Loops areny my thing and Beel on her own seems too slow

  15. So I built the creepymon megidramon deck before watching this, I ended up running wizardmon and death slinger to take advantage of the self milling from megidramon and creepy plus wizards can help play against the mirror a bit by throughing extra cards on top and death slinger is often a better removal then megido flame

  16. What series of Digimon cards should I stock up on ??? Not just for this event but for future tournaments as I want to get into it and if someone can list a good website to go for this I live in England so if there's anything that's beneficial to British players it would be appreciated

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