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  1. You could’ve just asked me for it I would’ve gave it to you I had it I had to

  2. ạ̷̧̃m̳̆o̘̊n̥͂g̖ͥ ̪ͮu̜͐s̩ͤ says:

    Im have is card

  3. im friends with that kid at school he's in my drama class and I showed him the vid and he was shocked after he saw the views. I will come down in 3 weeks, I rlly want card im subbed btw

  4. I got this card like 2 times Only the proud I got m

  5. I'm 6 years old and I have a pokemon card a charizard black vmax

  6. bro rip
    it would be good if u had been traden with me
    i litteraly have 4 of them
    and i would have given it for only a single rainbow lol

  7. i buy morning my first pokémon card i buy pack for 71$ and get so much energy and pokemons and some rare and get this pickachiu

  8. My friend Max has like almost every pokemon card btw he's in 3rd grade I'm in 3rd grade to btw

  9. Ando my friend has it and his not letting me offer what do i do!

  10. I have 8 of that didnt know the value of pokemon cards😅😅

  11. Bro i have 2 gold picachu card by only just buying😅

  12. Are used to black and gold card but when I’m not fully sure if it’s black and gold but it looks like it but I really have been looking for that one

  13. Th golden pikachu was one of my first ever pulls 😅

  14. Can you please give me some good pokemon cards

  15. I got the golden pikachu vmax by a pack tbh


  17. Sonething funny when we first got lost origin we got a booster box and my dad pulls that first pack and me and my brother were in so much awe we couldnt talk or anything

  18. I can’t believe you got scammed that bad that Pikachu was only worth five dollars and you traded a rainbow that’s probably worth $30 and you gave him a secret rare which is probably worth $60. Why is this guy so dumb

  19. Bruh that greedent may be 10$ but it’s still the rarest thing there

  20. Can I trade it for my Lugia V alt art and ice rider calyrex vmax alt art shiny and my rainbow butterfree vmax

  21. oh hell no im not trading btw i have a gold Mew Vstar ill give it for a trade or How about Gold arceus? just for 350 common cards because i like the commons😂

  22. i have a Legendeary collection Maxed out a common Duplicates Collection Already done btw i kinda stole 5 people’s cards (i kinda got their commons only they only had fhe commons)

  23. insane trade? bro the pikachu is $7.50 market😂😂😂

  24. I got a play set of the greedent alt art. Beautiful art.

  25. I dont care about the rarity, i care about the damage and help cause i play not collect

  26. While me new in pokemon and got charizard with 500+ hp and 300K,345K btw its gold, is it good tho?

  27. Not to be a hater, but I am my friend has 50 something gold cards she can basically one shot you

  28. My friend got that in his first booster pack

  29. I have opened a build and battle lost origin and I got two golden Pikachu vmax at the last two packs

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